Etsy finds: Hats and fascinators!

Hello from Illinois again! I’ve been here for a week and will be here until just before Christmas. I must say that I don’t enjoy that winter cold one bit, kudos to you Midwest Lolis who put up with this every year!

So anyway I have been in the season for Christmas shopping! :sparkle: I’ve been stalking EGL sales for some deals but I’m either too late, or nothing really catches my fancy.

So! I have turned to Etsy as my current shopping site of choice, and I’ve bought some delightful things already! I’ve also come across some very lovely items that are unfortunately out of my budget, but are very lovely.

Today’s collection: Hats and fascinators!

Raven Fascinator

Look at this beautiful Raven fascinator by BatcakesCouture. I can imagine a beautiful gothic lolita in Moitie or Atelier Pierrot with this beautiful eyecatching hat.

Unfortunately, it is pretty expensive! I love every bit of this hat and I think that it’s so well put together, but my wallet just can’t justify that $600 price tag right now. πŸ˜₯

There are some other very beautiful hats and accessories in her store, so check those out!

Bird’s Nest fascinator

This gorgeous work by MyFeatherBand is just so lovely! I am really into birds at the moment, so this lovely piece caught my eye. I love the colours and the excellent use of feathers, which isn’t too tacky.

There are a lot more feather products in store, so do have a look at those!

Butterfly Crown

This lovely butterfly crown by NeesieDesigns is a work of art! I can imagine this piece on classic/country/mori mixes!

Great prices, and there’s a sale until Dec 2011 too! Remember to use her promotion code if you are buying from her!

I bought a Yellow Bird Barette from her. I should be receiving it soon, so I’ll be able to do a review.

Red Queen

And if you like trump motifs as much as I do, this gorgeous tiara by Pearls&Swine will be entirely up your alley. What a great, striking look, and the price isn’t utterly ridiculous either.

I’m also amazed and enthralled by the huge cherries in her store! How in the world does it stay on?!

Crochet Food headbands

And if like me you prefer food on your head, check out youcute‘s range of crocheted food headbands, in particular this adorable teacup!

Everything is just so goshdarn adorable in here I’m having trouble deciding! I do also love that melted ice cream!

Well, it’s back to shopping for me! XD Let me know what other exciting finds you found online too! :kitty:

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Recent thoughts, in easy-to-read points!

1. I’m off to the States again soon! (In almost exactly a week from now!) I’ve put some things up for sale on egl sales to soothe my crying bank account (lol.) If you see anything you like, please let me know you got the information from my blog, and I can give you a small discount. :3

2. I managed to get some items from my wishlist, so I updated it. XD I also removed some items that I fell out of love with.

3. I’m thinking of collecting mermaid prints! :sparkle: <3 I recently received Emily Temple Cute’s mermaid print (not my picture, sorry!). I know there are a few more mermaid prints, including Angelic Pretty’s Twinkle Mermaid, Mermaid Symphony, Aqua Princess and Baby’s Melty Mermaid Princess. Am I missing out any? I don’t think Meta has had any mermaids… and Innocent World probably hasn’t! Let me know! I’m actually seriously considering this endeavour. πŸ˜•

4. Some daily coordi shots! 30 October 2011 to a friend’s wedding lunch.

Daily Coordi - 30th October
Cardigan – offbrand
JSK – Emily Temple Cute
Shoes – No Concept
Socks – Coming soon to Mint Berry Shop!

Love the Ribbons and Polka Dots print, it’s so summery!

5. More Daily Coordi – Anime Festival Asia 2011

Daily Coordi - AFA 2011
Jacket, boots – offbrand
Candy Star Rabbit Skirt – Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Blouse – Angelic Pretty
Bag (hidden) – Swimmer

I went crazy thinking of a coordi for the day, but finally settled on this. Please excuse my derp face in this photo… The jacket was love at first sight – the lovely red bomber jacket is really eye-catching! I didn’t buy it for loli, but I had just gotten the jacket the day before and was in the “must wear everyday!” phase.

I’m also really pleased with the Candy Star Rabbit skirt. The raspberry colourway makes my heart burst with love. It’s so bright and cheerful! This is the mini-skirt version – ie full elastic waist and no detachable bows.

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Metamorphose Autumn Lucky Pack!

Well, I caved in some time back and bought the Autumn Lucky Pack from Metamorphose, and the packs were delivered today!

Shu and I were both hoping for certain things from the pack; I wanted Citron Soda in either mint or black, and Shu wanted the Raschel Lace dress in either white or black! We were joking that we were sure to get jinxed by the Pink Curse, but NO! This was not so! My items… (All pictures clickable for larger…)

Meta Autumn Lucky Pack Meta Autumn Lucky Pack

Meta Autumn Lucky Pack Meta Autumn Lucky Pack

Huhuhu! Citron Soda in black! The sundress version instead of the high-waisted version! I’m so pleased that I didn’t get the high-waisted one, I basically look really strange in Meta’s high-waisted stuff. (I tried their Popping Balloon some time ago.)

Instead of the black cutsew, I originally received this cream bolero in my pack, but after some discussion with Shu, I decided to exchange my bolero for her cutsew! Mostly because she wouldn’t wear the cutsew, and I wouldn’t wear the bolero, but we would vice versa. Haha! I’m also really happy with the cute round bag. I was expecting a solid colour, but mighty chuffed to get the polka dots.

Overall, I’m really happy, except that I don’t think I would really wear the mini top hat… Prolly will go into the sell/trade pile. Yayyyy Citron Soda!

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Gothic and Lolita Alice new release!

Yes, there’s a new release for Gothic and Lolita Alice, slated for release in mid November!

They are using a red, black and white colour palette this time around, with trump motifs as their recurring pattern. If you like Alice, don’t hesitate!

I’m again in love with all of the items, including the lovely skirt, watch and socks! I have spent a LOT recently though, so I will grit my teeth and let this release pass!

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Daily Coordi: Happy Guro Halloween!

Happy Halloween, readers! Hope you guys got all nice and dressed up in your costumes!

Last week I went out for a Halloween-themed shoot with my dear friends Feli and Shu. Shu and I developed the concept for a guro-lolita shoot (I am Riding Hood and Feli was Cinderella!) and she searched for the location. This shoot was about two months in the planning, although as per normal, all of us were horrible last-minute models and only started desperately searching for shoot props two or three days prior. (This included Cindy’s shoes!)

The weather was unkind to us and it was raining all the way, but Shu got some lovely shots in-between the torrential showers and I’m really happy with how the shoot turned out! Shu had chanced across a little house in a private garden, and the managers were nice enough to let us have the location for the day. Fortunately they didn’t really see the “blood” splashed all down my front because I was really careful to cover it up when I wasn’t in front of the camera. They did see lovely virginal girls in all-white (pre-psycho!RRH) bouncing around though!

Me as Little “Red” Riding Hood
Photo by Shu
Halloween 2011- Little Red Riding Hood

In particular, I love this shot of myself. Great editing from Shu, and truly the shot of the day! For more photos, please see Shu’s awesome set (with Cinderella!) here.

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Got Loli!: Metamorphose’s Masquerade Lady

After a little dinging and donging with the post office, I finally managed to retrieve my Metamorphose package!

Metamorphose Masqerade Lady

Metamorphose Masqerade Lady The wine colour is closer to the picture on the left than the picture above. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the print is beautiful! I also got the matching chandelier socks, which are very elegant too.

Length-wise it’s… OKAY, not that long but not super short either. It’s definitely not as short as the promotional pictures make it out to be. That’s definitely her 5 petticoats making it stick out so much! I should be ok if I just go back to my usual tights look.

Metamorphose Masqerade Lady I was unpackaging the dress, and I saw that it was rolled up around a box. Curious, I opened it and discovered that they had given me a really cute novelty item! A mug with the Masquerade Lady print! Mine was in the wine colour too. I wonder if they would have given those who ordered the navy item a navy print?

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Daily Coordi: Milky Planet

Was out with the Sparklies last week just to hang out and have fun! Had the chance to wear my Milky Planet for the first time.

Please excuse the washed out picture, it’s yet another phone camera pic!

Milky Planet Coordi
OP: Angelic Pretty Milky Planet in Yellow
Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

I didn’t have the matching headbow, so I removed the neckties (removable, hence it was a non-invasive procedure) and tied it in a thin bow around my head. Not too bad, when matched with other deco-y stuff!

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Daily Coordi: Disney Live! Show

Went out with Ivory for the Disney Live show last week, and we went in Disney-inspired fashion! Can you tell which characters we’re supposed to be? Heh heh. We charmed a lot of little kids who stared at us wide-eyed, especially some adorable little girls dressed in Disney Princess costumes.

PS! Sorry for the low quality of the pictures, they’re from our phones because we didn’t want to bring out our large cameras.

Photos from Ivory’s phone.
JSK, headbow, blouse: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Bodyline
Shoes: offbrand

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30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita
This is pretty similar to Day 2, isn’t it?

  1. Macaron Hearts
    As non-regularly as I post here, I really do adore this blog and it really cheers me that I have readers, yes all 5 of you! I also like my Twitter friends feed! I don’t necessarily tweet a lot or answer, but I do keep up with all the posts very regularly.

    Location: Pocket Full of Posies. Photo by Shu.

  2. Gatherings
    I don’t have the chance to wear loli on a regular basis, so I’m always glad for the opportunity to wear it when I’m out with my friends! We really don’t do much while in loli, the activities of the day usually involve cafes and food and a lot of gossip, but I enjoy every minute of it.

  3. Sales
    I’m such a sucker for sales, I love finding “deals”! Trips to Japan means a lot of shopping at Closet Child, where I’ve managed to pick up lovely dresses at excellent prices!

  4. Headwear
    I must have my headbow! Or hairband! Or hat! I get a bit agitated when I don’t have anything in my hair. The most versatile hair accessory I have are my pearl hairbands, which I wear with everything. Occasionally I wear them with headbows too.

  5. Accessories
    Although I’m not as big a wristlet fiend as Steph, I do like accessories like necklaces and bracelets. Once again, I generally have some sort of bracelet or cute ring on while in loli. If not, my wrists and hands just generally feel naked. =\

  6. Magazines and Mooks
    I get my coordi ideas and information on new releases from my mooks! Mooks of choice are KERA and GLB. I usually go with KERA, it’s monthly, affordable and generally I prefer their less “traditional” coordis compared to GLB.

  7. Makeup
    There is a Chinese saying that goes “There are no ugly women, only lazy women.” As someone who isn’t blessed with naturally glowing skin and all-around good looks, I do have to depend on makeup to help in that aspect.

  8. Eco-bags
    My new love! Haha. At the end of the day, I sometimes want to remove my panniers to go home. The eco-bags, which stash small in my lolita bag, come in useful in holding the poof.

  9. Panniers
    Speaking of panniers, lolis can’t live without them, can we? I wear two panniers usually, because I really want poof. My panniers of choice at the moment are this Bodyline one which I wear next to my skin because of the lining, and ManiaQ candy-coloured panniers. I like this because it’s a splash of colour if I accidentally flash anyone my panniers. 😑

  10. Friends!
    And of course, what is loli without friends? I love my Sparkly Bits to pieces!

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30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist

Haha, after a long hiatus from this, we’re now back to it! This wishlist is mostly taken from the pages section, with some commentary from me.

:sparkle: XD :sparkle: :strawberry: :sparkle: :kitty: :sparkle:

  1. Mary Magdalene Apollonia in Olive or Strawberry
  2. The cut of the Apollonia makes me really excited. I love the button down concept (also made popular by Metamorphose) but more than anything I really love the colours of MM dresses. MM dresses are really well-made and utterly gorgeous with their attention to detail.

    mary_op_apollonia_color mary_op_apollonia_color1

    :sparkle: XD :sparkle: :strawberry: :sparkle: :kitty: :sparkle:

  3. Mary Magdalene Carlotta in any colourway
  4. I really like the lace overlay over the bust in the Carlotta dress. Cut-wise, this is very similar to Rote Rose, which is tremendously flattering, so I think this would look great too. I love all the colourways of this release, but my favourites are the top two. Very classic.

    mary_op_carlotta_color2 mary_op_carlotta_color3

    mary_op_carlotta_color1 mary_op_carlotta_color

    :sparkle: XD :sparkle: :strawberry: :sparkle: :kitty: :sparkle:

  5. Mary Magdalene Whyteleaf in Navy, Blue or Strawberry
  6. For someone who is not that into Classic, I certainly have a lot of classic wishlist items! I’ve loved Whyteleaf since its initial release, and with every release I just want it more and more. The neckline is what gets me in this dress. I originally really wanted the light blue due to how Alice-y it looks, but I’ve since moved that liking for Navy as my first choice.

    mary_op_whyteleafemini_color4 mary_op_whyteleafemini_color


    :sparkle: XD :sparkle: :strawberry: :sparkle: :kitty: :sparkle:

  7. Angelic Pretty Aqua Princess Bustier JSK in mint or black
  8. I regret 100% not getting this release. The bustier style just kills me, I love it so much together with the choker. I would go for mint or black, but I think black is the slightly more versatile colour.

    ap_jsk_aquaprincess_color1 ap_jsk_aquaprincess_color

    :sparkle: XD :sparkle: :strawberry: :sparkle: :kitty: :sparkle:

  9. Angelic Pretty Wonder Party Halterneck JSK in sax
  10. I think this is my ultimate holy grail. I don’t need to say much more.


    :sparkle: XD :sparkle: :strawberry: :sparkle: :kitty: :sparkle:

  11. Innocent World Lotta Skirt in blue or bordeaux

    I actually had the opportunity to buy this skirt. I have no idea why I did not, at that point. I love the little deer on this skirt, and I really really want this print so bad, especially in blue!

    iw_skirt_lotta_color iw_skirt_lotta_color1

    :sparkle: XD :sparkle: :strawberry: :sparkle: :kitty: :sparkle:

  12. Metamorphose Candy Star Rabbit JSK in raspberry or navy blue
  13. I originally HATED this print with a passion, but I now think it’s super eye-catching and great for that eyepopping style of loli that I really enjoy.

    meta_jsk_candystar_color1 meta_jsk_candystar_color

    :sparkle: XD :sparkle: :strawberry: :sparkle: :kitty: :sparkle:

  14. Alice and the Pirates Queen’s Coach OP in navy, black or wine
  15. I actually don’t mind either the JSK or the OP version, but I’ve chosen the OP version for this wishlist. The print is really lovely and I really enjoy the look of the asymmetrical skirt. The chiffon neckline and sleeves are very classy too.

    aatp_op_queenscoach_color1 aatp_op_queenscoach_color

    :sparkle: XD :sparkle: :strawberry: :sparkle: :kitty: :sparkle:

  16. Alice and the Pirates Midsummer’s Night Dream High Waist JSK in navy or black
  17. The print of this dress is just absolutely gorgeous. AAtP is really doing it right with this particular dress. As to why the high-waisted JSK as opposed to the other versions, I think this print needs a dress to do it justice, and I’m a bit tired of the typical JSK cuts for the moment. I can’t decide if I like the navy or the black more!

    aatp_jsk_midsummernight_color aatp_jsk_midsummernight_color2

    :sparkle: XD :sparkle: :strawberry: :sparkle: :kitty: :sparkle:

  18. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Berry Chain Memoir Jenny JSK in blue or red
  19. A throwback to the typical sweet loli! This print is very lovely and summery. The print in red is really what gets me, I love strawberry motifs, so this dress is right up my alley.

    baby_jsk_chainedberrymemoirjenny_color4 baby_jsk_chainedberrymemoirjenny_color1

    :sparkle: XD :sparkle: :strawberry: :sparkle: :kitty: :sparkle:

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