10 ways to make your life a Wonderland!

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Like most lolitas, I am in love with Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, be it the whimsical writing, the lovable characters or even the slew of merchandise that it has inspired! And with the upcoming release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (opens in Singapore on 4 March 2010), it’s time for a look at how you can incorporate a little bit of Alice into your lolita or even your everyday life!



  1. Be a mad hatter
  2. No matter what type of hairstyle you usually sport, there’s definitely a hat for you! Lolita-chans have a variety of styles of hats to choose from, from the lavishly-decorated pirate hats to mini hats in the shape of sweets.

    Even the classic beret can offered in a range of styles to suit different lolita styles, such as the simple versions offered by classical brands such as Victorian Maiden, to the more elaborately embellished versions by Angelic Pretty.


  3. Discover some poetry
  4. As Alice wanders Wonderland, she meets with many characters who all seem to want to do nothing but make her read poetry or quote poetry at her! Visit your local library and pick up some books on poetry, or even better, try to write your own. Poets of all sorts abound, so depending on what your usual literary tastes are, do some research before tackling the massive volumes of poetry you’ll find on the shelves.

    Bonus: discover who your famous local poets are.


  5. Find a Twin
  6. The Happy Angelic Pretty Lolitas! Remember the pair of twins, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee? They’re terribly mean to Alice when she encounters them in Through the Looking Glass, but the truth is, having a lolita twin can be really fun!

    Call up your lolita BFF and coordinate outfits for a fun afternoon out together. Be sure to take plenty of pictures to commemorate the occasion too! Even if you don’t have the same prints, find other ways to match each other, such as in colour, accessories or hairstyle.

    (Dawn and I in Angelic Pretty’s Dreaming Macaron in black and mint.)


  7. Dress like Alice
  8. Show your love for Alice by wearing some blue! If you don’t have a light blue dress or skirt, try yellow or red! (See fun fact below.) If neither of these colours are your thing, dress up like Alice in other ways, such as wearing a big Alice bow on your head or wearing some black mary janes.

    Fun Fact!: Did you know that while the Alice we know and love is mostly in a pale blue, the original Alice illustrations had her dress mostly in red or yellow? It wasn’t until Disney’s version of Alice in Wonderland (1951) that the pale blue was popularised.


  9. Enjoy a tea party
  10. There’s more to the world of tea than your usual Earl Grey or English Breakfast. Singaporean Lolitas can enjoy afternoon tea at beautiful tearooms such as The Cookie Museum at the Esplanade, which specialise in specialty teas.

    If you’re on a budget, buy some tea leaves and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home! My favourite teas come from T2 Tea and Lupicia. (Singaporean lolitas can get T2 Tea at Tangs, Vivocity. Unfortunately you’ll have to get a friend in Japan, Australia or the US to obtain Lupicia tea for you!)

    Bonus: Start a teapot or teacup collection!

    (Image originally uploaded by penwren)


  11. Do your own Alice in Wonderland photoshoot!
  12. Be inspired by the myriad other lolitas who have done Alice-inspired photoshoots! Some may say it’s been done to death, but it’s up to your imagination to think of beautiful and creative ways to shoot this popular concept.

    For some ideas for both lolita and couture styles- view Annie Leibovitz’s shoot for Vogue (2003), Zhang Jingna’s Alice in the Midnight Game, “alice” on weheartit.com and “Alice in Wonderland” on Flickr.


  13. You’re a Queen!
  14. No call for you run around yelling “Off with their heads!” but always believe that you are beautiful and you are a queen in your lolita wear. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.


  15. Have an unbirthday party
  16. Who says you need to have a birthday to exchange gifts at a party? Call up your lolita-chans and throw an unbirthday party for each other!

    Get everyone to bring a small gift and have a little gift exchange over tea, cakes and dessert. Everyone loves a party, and an unbirthday party in the style of Alice in Wonderland is the perfect excuse to meet your BFFs all dressed up in lolita.


    (Image originally uploaded by lecupcake)


  17. Indulge in a little Alice in Wonderland merchandise
  18. This beloved story has a whole range of merchandise available for purchase.

    Just in the lolita world alone, you have a slew of Alice-related goods, starting with a wide variety of prints. (The most well-known being a whole series of prints from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, such as Alice in Funfair, Garden Alice, Alice and the Seven Keys, Alice and Bambi, just to name a few.)

    If the prints are not your thing, you can also try household goods such as cutlery and bento boxes from Macmillan Alice.

    There’s a lot of beauty products related to Alice in Wonderland as well, including a new palette by Urban Decay, a collection of nail colours by OPI and a range of scents by BPAL.

    Due to the heavy mention of card suits in the books, many trump-related items are also considered Alice-related. Get the look with trump-printed tights, bags, hats, handkerchiefs and more!


  19. Curious and curiouser!

  20. Image by fairycastles on tumblr.


    The reason Alice even entered into Wonderland is because she was pursuing a curious white rabbit. Be like Alice and look for the unexpected and fanciful in your everyday life, be it a whimsical display in a window or a special turn of phrase that you overhear on the train.

    Serendipity can make the world go around.

What other ways are you making this world your own Wonderland? Share it with us in the comments.

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4 comments on to “10 ways to make your life a Wonderland!”

  1. Linn says:

    I find it hard to find a really good hat cause I think hats doesnt fit with my black glasses! 🙁 Any advices??
    *Love your page*

  2. caro says:

    These are all really adorable! Great ideas ^^

  3. Alanna says:

    Linn: Actually I think glasses on Lolitas can be extremely cute! I think you can wear a variety of hats from berets to tophats with your glasses. The only type of hat you probably might have to reconsider is the extremely Sweet kind that Angelic Pretty comes up with now and then.

    I was in the OIOI Alice and the Pirates store last year, and the girl serving me was wearing glasses with a pirate hat, and she looked absolutely fabulous.

    Caro: Thank you!

  4. adel lee says:

    Hi there, Lupicia is now available in Singapore at Vivo City and Great World City.

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