10/7 Challenge: Outfit 2, 3 and 4!

The 10/7 Challenge is a wardrobe challenge where we have to form 7 distinctive outfits out of only 10 main wardrobe items! Come join in the fun and leave a link in the comments if you want to play!

Here are Outfits 2, 3 and 4 in the 10items/7outfits Challenge!

Theme: On a Date!


I was getting ready to go for tea with the girls, but just as I was heading out of the house, something came up and I had to come back inside and change out again. 🙁 Here’s a quick picture of me just before I changed out, but I’d already taken off most of my accessories and things. A much more formal outfit than Outfit 1, but it’s not completely ‘traditional’ sweet loli thanks to the tights+shoes combi. (ok I admit it’s because I couldn’t find the socks I wanted quickly…) Nice for just a typical date with the girls.

C: Offbrand Lace Parka
E: Metamorphose Temps de Filles Pink Blouse
G: Angelic Pretty Wonder Party Skirt (sax)
H: Offbrand Heart Motif Pumps (pink)
+ Hair accessories & lace tights

Theme: Everyday Wear


Yeah, that’s a wig, haha! There really are only so many ways that you can style short hair, so I decided to break out my wigs. The concept of this outfit is something more everyday, probably good as evening wear for a dinner or something like that. I got this tiered JSK at a major steal at the Yokohama Closet Child. It was 5000yen because it was yellowed and had some makeup stains. I brought it home and gave it a wash in some very mild bleach solution and it came out looking beautiful and pristine.

C: Offbrand Lace Parka
H: Angelic Pretty Tiered JSK (white)
J: Offbrand Heart Motif Pumps (pink)
+ offbrand accessories

Theme: OTT!!


outfit4a Here I am in over the top sweet loli!! I received this wig from CosplaywigsUSA some time ago, but hadn’t had the time to try it till today. It’s very lovely! I’ll post a review soon.

I’m wearing my Wonder Party skirt over the JSK! It’s an interesting way of wearing the items; I picked it up from the Kera examples. What I realised was that besides giving an interesting looking “top”, it’s guaranteed to stay tucked into your skirt, and it also provides some extra poof underneath your skirt!

I also love my giant pink fluffy bow from Paris Kids! But just to reassure you, I don’t wear such over the top loli usually, only to cons, alright?

B: Bodyline Parka
G: Angelic Pretty Wonder Party Skirt (sax)
H: Angelic Pretty Tiered JSK (white)
J: Offbrand Heart Motif Pumps (pink)
+ CosplaywigsUSA wig (blended blue and pink), Angelic Pretty Socks, Paris Kids accessories

For challenge rules and a list of my chosen items, check out the first post in the challenge series!

Wed, February 16 2011 »

2 comments on to “10/7 Challenge: Outfit 2, 3 and 4!”

  1. Tyler says:

    Very charming coordinates. I really like the second one. It’s so simple and pretty look with the tiniest hints of pink, and it reminds me of spring, which I am so yearning for!

    I’m also planning on trying this challenge, I just need to find the time to take photos XD

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