3 motifs I absolutely love

For most lolitas, we don’t just wear the dresses, we indulge and surround ourselves with pretty things in daily life too. I’m no different, and in particular here are three motifs that I really love and indulge myself in.

Little Red Riding Hood

Everybody loves Alice, and I do too, but to be honest my first love is little Red! There’s just something about the red hood and her bravery that makes me squee. I think perhaps it started with my beloved RRH skirt from Baby. I recently bought these adorable earphones (see picture above!) and a Shinzi Katoh passport case.



Macarons, sundaes, candies, doughnuts, etc, I love them! It definitely started with the lovely Dreaming Macaron print, and then it just went downhill from there. My favourite “sweet” so far is the macaron, I don’t quite know why, but they are one of the yummiest things on earth. The donut is a hair accessory, and the ice cream scoop and macaron are rings.

Bows and Ribbons

IMG_0778 IMG_0780

I have a ton of bow and ribbon clips to wear in my hair, but bows on clothing and accessories are super love too! I just got the large cabin-size bag from Swimmer, and the bow collection is only a portion of my hair accessories that feature bows!

Wed, March 9 2011 »

4 comments on to “3 motifs I absolutely love”

  1. Caro says:

    So cute! I definitely love Little Red as well! That address book with her on it is just too adorable. She certainly doesn’t get enough play in the world of Lolita!

  2. Emelie says:

    This is really cute. I adore Little Red Riding Hood as well, and those earphones are to die for! Would you mind telling me where you found them?

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