30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 1

I’ve decided that I will start the 30 Day Lolita Challenge! I’ll probably go at it in different orders and not everyday too, but here’s day 1 to start!

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble

  1. Loving lolita since 2002
    My first exposure to lolita probably came through manga and Kera. If you ask me now what the manga was, I couldn’t say, but it was prolly something like Kaori Yuki or Yazawa Ai. I started off wearing some hodgepodge of the fashion until about 2005 or so when I started being able to afford brand because I started saving and saving. My first brand piece was Baby’s Crown Gobelin in pink (I still have it!). I started out as more classic but have since moved on to my candy explosion sweet lolita.

  2. Meta Popping Balloon I am predominantly a sweet/deco lolita!
    I am definitely a candy-explosion kinda lolita! Generally I do a lot of either pastels or brights, but I actually prefer not to wear pink as my main colour. That said, I have a pink blouse that I coordi to death with a lot of my other items.

  3. As such, my favourite brand (for now!) is Angelic Pretty.
    A significant part of my wardrobe is Angelic Pretty as I really enjoy most of their prints and colourways. I’ve also recently been moving towards Meta because of their prints and attention to details.

  4. But for some reason, my friends think that I am totally suited for ero-loli.
    Or maybe they just think it’s hilarious that I’m always thrown into ero-loli at every possible occasion/shoot… That said, I do love corsets and I must have like three in my wardrobe that I have yet to wear, including an Excentrique and a Kikirara Shoten one.

    Anyway, here’s me at a “Fairytale Villain” shoot with my pals. I’m the Wolf here.

  5. I believe in wigs
    A lot of people hate wigs, but seriously, I think they’re awesome. When I had long curled hair previously, it was really easy for me to do an updo of some sort to match my loli. But now that I have short, rather unmanageable hair, wigs (natural colours or otherwise) are really useful. Of course, these wigs better be well-made and quality!

    I own a few in a range of different colours and lengths, but tend to wear the unnatural colours to cons only.

  6. Loli has affected other parts of my life
    I think when you have a hobby that you love so much, it’s inevitable that it will affect other parts of your life, like buying habits or even what you wear outside of the fashion. After discovering lolita, I’ve become more aware of makeup, more in love with Japanese culture, more girly and feminine in general. I still do traditionally unfeminine things like play computer games and listen to death metal, but I won’t deny that lolita is a very large part of my lifestyle.

    Alice in Wonderland!

  7. My closest friends in real life also happens to be my lolita circle
    We’re actually a really mixed bunch, coming from all sorts of different backgrounds- but one thing we have in common is that we all really love lolita in its various forms. We aren’t even around the same age, so we can’t use that as a binding factor. We call ourselves the “Sparkly Bits”, not because it’s some cutesy ~*sparkly*~ name… The name originated because we were giggling over some manga at a totally lolita un-related gathering, and how all the *ahem* vital parts of the lead characters were covered by “sparkly bits”. In any case, I really love every one of them and we have shared a large part of our lives.
    Photo from left: Me, Shu, Steph, Ivory, Jasmine, Teresa (Missing: Feli, Celeste, Mel, Elsie)

  8. AatP Sneakers SHOES SHOES SHOES
    I love shoes so much! I don’t really believe in buying brand shoes because I think that there are lovely coordis to be had with offbrand shoes too, but I’m a big fan of sneakers and the star of my shoe cupboard is this lovely beauty – Alice and the Pirates sneakers in the “This is my Blood” print. That said, I wear a lot of heels with my loli, to the chagrin of my shorter friends.

  9. My family has already gotten used to me in lolita
    And are pretty blasé about it. My brothers sometimes still make fun of me when I emerge in my lolita, but secretly they think it’s quite pretty too. (The newest greeting when they see me is “where are you going dressed so prettily today?”) Even my brothers’ girlfriends are appreciating the fashion and think it’s lovely. I’m really happy and blessed that my family thinks that the fashion style is pretty, and don’t object one bit. My mom is cute though, and always worries that I’ll get jeered at in public so she tells me to take my headeating bows off until I get together with my friends.

  10. Moving on?
    I have never really thought about where I want to go after lolita, or if there’ll really be an “after lolita” just yet. I’m in my late 20s, and I’m glad that most of what I like still fits me. My friends have already started to move on into other “non-sweet” styles of lolita, so I guess that is one option at the moment.

    The 30-day lolita challenge was created by the Random Lolita!

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4 comments on to “30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 1”

  1. Raegan says:

    This was fun to read! <3

  2. Ryumaho says:

    Two things…no, make that three:
    1. I hope you are able to get through the 30 day challenge! All the best! This has been a good read
    2. When I first flipped through the article and saw your “ero-lolita” picture, I thought you were going to talk about a love of dollfie dolls and lolita. OMG your friends are right, and you look amazing. You’re an inspiration because you can rock all styles of lolita. =3
    3. This is My Blood sneakers???!?!?!?! *jealousy abounds*

    • Alanna says:

      I hope I am able to too! @__@

      Thank you for your kind words, I don’t know about rocking all styles of loli, but I have been blessed with very talented friends who can photograph me beautifully. =p

      Hahaha! I love them so much, I want to wear them everywhere but I fear that they’ll fall apart from too much wear and tear, so I’ve scaled back on how often I wear them by 50%. When I first got them, I really wore them all over the place!

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