30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita


  1. My new obsession is DEER prints!
    But I haven’t been able to obtain anything in a deer print just yet… 😳 I am on the hunt for Innocent World’s Lotta skirt! If you have any leads on where to get this, please let me know!

  2. My ongoing obsession is with sweets prints!
    I love prints with cakes, macarons, tarts, sundaes, cookies, etc. Hence, my love for the Dreaming Macaron print!

    Scrump backpack

  3. Cute, shaped bags!
    I’m currently into plushie bags, but I also like the shaped bags that Angelic Pretty sometimes comes up with. However, I’m sometimes quite leery of buying them because I don’t like how the zip works on each bag sometimes. For now, I own a sheep and a Scrump (from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch) bag!

  4. Fairy colourways
    My favourite colour swings around, but I adore fairy-kei pastel colourways which always make a show in BTSSB or AP! So colours like lavender, pink, mint, baby blue, etc.

  5. Super sweet coordinates
    I love it when I see pictures of AP clones, or pretty loli-chans in almost OTT sweet coordis! I DO draw a line somewhere, so tasteful OTT please, hahaha! *is not making sense!*


  6. Interesting JSK/OP cuts!
    I think it’s fun looking at how lolita brands can reinvent the traditional lolita skirt, JSK or OP. One of the latest releases that caught my eye is Baby’s Night Fairy Fantasia JSK I, which looks a little strange in stock photos, but absolutely gorgeous when worn.

  7. Seeing interesting coordis!
    One of the things about lolita is that there are a lot of “rules” around the fashion. The rules are what sets the tone of the fashion, but it’s fun to break the rules sometimes and have fun and experiment with lolita pieces. I lurk around on the Daily A La Mode Livejournal comm, and it’s great to see everyone’s cute coordis with loli pieces. I also look at Alice Deco a la Mode for inspiration, but that mook sadly seems to be discontinued.

    Dream Sky tulle lace

  8. Lace!
    My favourite lace is tulle lace because it’s so soft and pretty! AP lace is the best, because they make custom tulle lace with the most adorable motifs. That’s Dream Sky lace in navy to the left – you can see AP’s logo and little stars surrounding it.

  9. Headwear
    After getting into the fashion, I HAVE TO WEAR THINGS ON MY HEAD WHENEVER I GO OUT. (Except when I’m at work.) 😯 No matter what I’m wearing. I love all sorts of headwear with my loli coordis – hats, barettes, hairbands, head-eating bows, usamimi, etc. I think headwear really make or break the outfit!

  10. Box pleats
    Ahhhh! I love box pleats now. I blame Meta for this love, because of all the lovely box pleated stuff they release! *strange obsession* I think box pleats are really classy compared to gathers! (Not that I won’t wear gathers, I still will!)

The 30-day lolita challenge was created by the Random Lolita!

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