30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

  1. Spicy buffalo sauce
    I have actually never encountered this lovely, vinegary sauce until my most recent visit to the States. The vinegar base with the kick of spice is exactly the kind of thing I like in a sauce/dip. I have no idea why the McDonalds’ in Singapore hasn’t brought in this sauce yet.

  2. Coke Light/Diet Coke
    I used to laugh at people who drank Diet, but after a sip I realised that this was indeed the taste I was looking for. I prefer Diet not because of the low calorie count (what, I don’t even count calories) but because it’s not as sweet as regular Coke. I do however, drink Vanilla Coke.

  3. McNuggets
    I love McNuggets. Perfect for a snack, but good enough as a meal in greater numbers. Paired with the spicy buffalo sauce, I could eat about 50 of these.

  4. Chocolate brownies
    You know how people say they have a separate “dessert stomach”? When faced with a well-baked chocolate brownie, I could probably have 25 separate dessert stomachs no matter how much I’ve been eating before hand. I can deal with box-mixes, but they have to be moist and full of chocolatey goodness.

  5. Macarons
    One of my pet peeves is people misspelling “macaron” as “macaroon” and vice versa. It has nothing to do with being “French”, the macaroon is an entirely different cookie altogether.

    If only the macaron was not so expensive! I would eat about five every day and savour them well. My favourite part about the macaron is the lovely crispy outershell which then melts into a chewy bite in my mouth.

    I unfortunately do not have the good fortune of having tasted Pierre Hermé or Ladurée macarons, but my favourite local brand is Canelé.

  6. Eggs Benedict/Florentine/Royale
    Eggs Benedict is my favourite brunch meal ever. I occasionally pick Florentine or Royale (spinach or salmon) variants if I’m feeling healthy, but those lovely poached eggs on English Muffins always make my day.

    My favourite part of the meal is sopping up the broken egg yolk with my muffin!

  7. Steak, medium rare
    I love steak, and usually request for medium rare. Sauce-wise, I prefer it on the side rather than over my meat so that I can taste my meat too.

    Dunkin' Donuts Strawberry Coffee

  8. Coffee
    I really really love coffee. Generally I have to drink one coffee every morning before my day begins. I usually pass on the chain store coffees like Starbucks because I believe they’re coffee-flavoured sugary drinks – I take my coffee with milk, no sugar.

    Occasionally though, I do sometimes succumb to the chain stores because I want some sweet coffee. When encountering with really nasty tasting coffee, (like maybe when I hit the grounds of the coffee maker) I end up dumping a boatload of sugar in my cup to make it palatable anyway.

  9. Thai green curry
    I prefer green curry over red curry because of the layers of taste that I can get with a green. Not that it’s any less spicy, but there’s a certain sweetness and fragrance about green curry which I adore.

  10. Guacamole
    My friends say I make better guacamole than the local Mexican restaurants. :kitty: I generally can’t stand eating avocado by itself, but I love it when I mix and mash it up with all sorts of different things. I also enjoy having avocado milkshakes!

The 30-day lolita challenge was created by the Random Lolita!

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