30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist

Haha, after a long hiatus from this, we’re now back to it! This wishlist is mostly taken from the pages section, with some commentary from me.

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  1. Mary Magdalene Apollonia in Olive or Strawberry
  2. The cut of the Apollonia makes me really excited. I love the button down concept (also made popular by Metamorphose) but more than anything I really love the colours of MM dresses. MM dresses are really well-made and utterly gorgeous with their attention to detail.

    mary_op_apollonia_color mary_op_apollonia_color1

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  3. Mary Magdalene Carlotta in any colourway
  4. I really like the lace overlay over the bust in the Carlotta dress. Cut-wise, this is very similar to Rote Rose, which is tremendously flattering, so I think this would look great too. I love all the colourways of this release, but my favourites are the top two. Very classic.

    mary_op_carlotta_color2 mary_op_carlotta_color3

    mary_op_carlotta_color1 mary_op_carlotta_color

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  5. Mary Magdalene Whyteleaf in Navy, Blue or Strawberry
  6. For someone who is not that into Classic, I certainly have a lot of classic wishlist items! I’ve loved Whyteleaf since its initial release, and with every release I just want it more and more. The neckline is what gets me in this dress. I originally really wanted the light blue due to how Alice-y it looks, but I’ve since moved that liking for Navy as my first choice.

    mary_op_whyteleafemini_color4 mary_op_whyteleafemini_color


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  7. Angelic Pretty Aqua Princess Bustier JSK in mint or black
  8. I regret 100% not getting this release. The bustier style just kills me, I love it so much together with the choker. I would go for mint or black, but I think black is the slightly more versatile colour.

    ap_jsk_aquaprincess_color1 ap_jsk_aquaprincess_color

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  9. Angelic Pretty Wonder Party Halterneck JSK in sax
  10. I think this is my ultimate holy grail. I don’t need to say much more.


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  11. Innocent World Lotta Skirt in blue or bordeaux

    I actually had the opportunity to buy this skirt. I have no idea why I did not, at that point. I love the little deer on this skirt, and I really really want this print so bad, especially in blue!

    iw_skirt_lotta_color iw_skirt_lotta_color1

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  12. Metamorphose Candy Star Rabbit JSK in raspberry or navy blue
  13. I originally HATED this print with a passion, but I now think it’s super eye-catching and great for that eyepopping style of loli that I really enjoy.

    meta_jsk_candystar_color1 meta_jsk_candystar_color

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  14. Alice and the Pirates Queen’s Coach OP in navy, black or wine
  15. I actually don’t mind either the JSK or the OP version, but I’ve chosen the OP version for this wishlist. The print is really lovely and I really enjoy the look of the asymmetrical skirt. The chiffon neckline and sleeves are very classy too.

    aatp_op_queenscoach_color1 aatp_op_queenscoach_color

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  16. Alice and the Pirates Midsummer’s Night Dream High Waist JSK in navy or black
  17. The print of this dress is just absolutely gorgeous. AAtP is really doing it right with this particular dress. As to why the high-waisted JSK as opposed to the other versions, I think this print needs a dress to do it justice, and I’m a bit tired of the typical JSK cuts for the moment. I can’t decide if I like the navy or the black more!

    aatp_jsk_midsummernight_color aatp_jsk_midsummernight_color2

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  18. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Berry Chain Memoir Jenny JSK in blue or red
  19. A throwback to the typical sweet loli! This print is very lovely and summery. The print in red is really what gets me, I love strawberry motifs, so this dress is right up my alley.

    baby_jsk_chainedberrymemoirjenny_color4 baby_jsk_chainedberrymemoirjenny_color1

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One comment on to “30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 5”

  1. I adore the Apollonia dress by MM. It’s one of my favorites of theirs. It seems so simple with it being all one color, but the design details are fabulous! I’ve always wanted to find a picture of it being worn though. Such a high waist can be quite difficult to pull off sometimes.

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