5 “combo-finishers” in your lolita wardrobe

You’re all dressed up but there’s just something missing in your coordi and you’re not quite sure what it is. Here’s a list of five “combo-finishers” to really pull your special outfit together!



  1. A petticoat or three
  2. Here’s a secret, the lolitas in the magazines wear at least three petticoats. My lolita friends and I also wear multiple petticoats when we’re out, unless we’re REALLY taking it more casual. Of course this rule changes if you happen to be in possession of a super UBER poofy petticoat, but consider that Baby supplied us with three petticoats PER outfit for our runway, and then rethink if your single petticoat is really enough!

    The poof really makes a difference to how you look, so always check out your poof in the mirror and decide if you would put yourself in a magazine.


  3. A pair of overknee patterned socks/tights (especially good for sweet/deco lolitas)
  4. I used to be a big fan of plain socks, the kind that Baby calls “School socks” with just the logo at the top. Going by typical fashion rules: solids age better and are more versatile than patterns, so I stuck to the plain ones for ages. But I soon realised that they were getting really boring and well… plain. My current sock drawer is full of overknee socks (why overknee? Because I’m tall and anything knee-high makes me look like a child.) in all sorts of patterns.

    Admittedly you’ll have to be careful with what socks you buy for good matches across your wardrobe. Instead of getting socks with very elaborate patterns, consider socks that are mostly a solid colour with dots or small florals. An example is Baby’s Sweet Dot socks or Circus socks, which strike a good balance between interesting and versatile.

    If you don’t believe in buying brand socks (with understanding), try Sock Dreams. They ship internationally and have excellent service! I’ve never had problems buying from them. They have a beautiful range of OTKs in stripes, or try their tights as well!


  5. A suitable necklace (and other assorted jewellery)
  6. I have a collection of necklaces and bracelets for that final touch on my coordis. People may think that jewellery is either unnecessary or best left to the deco-lolis, but a well-placed necklace will really pull together an already well-coordinated outfit. Admittedly not every outfit needs/warrants a necklace piece. JSKs, blouses, or OPs with neck detailing can easily do without necklaces, so it’s up to your discretion. I usually will wear a bracelet or two because I feel that my arms/wrists look way too bare, especially since I’m often in short sleeves!

    Pearl bracelets are really popular right now (if you’re in Singapore, a quick roam around Far East Plaza or your local Aries/Chameleon should net you some pretty easily) or if you can’t find any, they’re super simple to make with some elastic thread and pearls if you’re even the least bit crafty. They are also versatile enough for all styles of lolita from classic to gothic to sweet.


  7. A good, versatile bag (or two)
  8. Nothing irks me more than seeing a lolita with a beautiful coordi on the street… holding a plastic bag to carry her stuff. You don’t have to buy a specific (and expensive!) bag from a lolita brand for your coordis (and seriously, how much can a Usakumya hold anyway?) but you do need a bag that matches your dresses too.

    I have two bags that I use for lolita on a regular basis: a black handbag from h.Naoto Blood for my black and more classic coordinates (I actually use this bag on a regular basis for work too, it’s that versatile.) and a colourful, printed bag from Swimmer for my other sweeter coordinates. They’re a great match for my lolita coordis, and yet big enough to carry a lot of things.

    So in your search for the perfect bag to carry with your lolita coordis, consider your lolita wardrobe and what it mostly consists of. Invest in a good bag in a suitable colourway for your wardrobe (obviously buying a candy explosion bag for your mostly gothic wardrobe is not really going to work out in the short-run) and use it, love it, work it. Consider mall brands (in Singapore, you can have a look at the bag department at BHG, Isetan, etc) or smaller bag shops (Singaporeans can have a look at Naraya for a range of beautiful, lolita-friendly bags at excellent prices) and of course, solids will work (and age!) better than prints.


  9. Makeup
  10. Makeup, makeup, makeup! Never step out of the house without this! I was never an advocate of the “natural beauty” argument, and I don’t think I will ever be one. Makeup is the most important thing that a lolita can have in her arsenal to be a gorgeous, beautiful lolita. The right makeup can make you glow and draw attention to your beauty.

    If you’re a complete newbie to makeup, just invest in the following items: foundation, eyebrow pencil/powder, blush and a nude lipstick. You are golden if you have these, and you can use the items even for your daily wear. But even so, be careful! Go with a friend learned in the ways of makeup if you’re not sure how to buy it, or if you’re brave enough to take the plunge, review some “how to buy makeup” tips to ensure that you buy the best makeup for your skin colour and type.

    Even for me, a huge proponent of “makeup is king”, I have only a few choice pieces of makeup in my collection, and it probably pales in comparison next to my friends! But as long as you are aware what the important pieces are, you will always go out looking beautiful.


What do you think are your combo-finishers in your lolita wardrobe? Share it with us in the comments!

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4 comments on to “5 “combo-finishers” in your lolita wardrobe”

  1. Nikki says:

    I love your blog! 3 seems to be the magic number huh? When I helped out at the Baby Fashion show up here I thought the 3 was for each outfit, but they were only doing 2. We all asked for clarification and they said wear them all at once!
    I have the cutest video of the designer and one of the assistant designers eating fruit!!! But I fear to upload it and embarrass them!

  2. someone says:

    You are one of my fav bloggers, but this post made me sad. I adore all girls who can use make up, and I’m jealous. I have atopic skin and I have rush, so I can’t use any. (Still, sometimes I even buy some cause they look so cute!) But really, does that I can’t wear any make up make me a bad lolita?

    (I din’t meant to be mean or anything, sometimes I’m just Frustrated.And sorry if there’s any spelling mistakes, English is not my first language.)

  3. Alanna says:

    Nikki> Thank you! Yes, it seems that three seems to be the magic number! Four is too many, two is not enough? I don’t know, I wear two usually because of the weather in Singapore (tropical heat…) but I still feel that it’s not enough! 🙁

    Ahhh! I want to see this video! I bet they’re really cute!!

    Someone> Dear someone, I feel sorry for your situation and I apologise that this post made you feel sad. Perhaps I should rephrase – I feel strongly about makeup on a lolita, especially if the lolita can wear makeup usually!

    Of course, makeup is not the be all and end all of lolitadom, but it’s always lovely to wear makeup out. I wonder what kinds of makeup you have tried? I hear that mineral make-up can be a good choice if you have very sensitive skin…

  4. someone says:

    Thank you for your answer! Sometimes I just feel sad cause everyone else can look so cute…
    Thanks for the tip! I’ve read mineral make-up before, maybe I should try it out someday?
    Anyways, your answer made me really happy, thank you! Now I’m just hoping that when I get my first coordination done, I’ll as pretty as everyone else!
    Again, thank you, and keep writing!

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