5 Spring 2010 trends

Now that April is upon us, it’s time for us to have a look at the gorgeous Spring trends on the fashion runway and see how we can implement a little bit of Spring from the runway… right into lolita fashion!

Here are five looks you can incorporate into Lolita… by Macaron Hearts!

  1. Floral Beauty
  2. (As seen on Stella McCartney, Christian Dior, and Dolce and Gabbana)


    The pink and yellow combination of Angelic Pretty’s Powder Rose truly has a springtime feel, but many other brands are releasing floral prints due to the Spring season, so be sure to check out florals over at other brands such as Meta, Baby and Innocent World as well!

    This is obviously a very over the top floral concept, but I dare say it gets the message of “SPRING TIME IS HERE” across. :p I’m in love with the yellow x pink colour coordination, but I think I’m too fair to pull off yellow properly. 🙁

  3. Texture and Detailing
  4. (As seen on Dolce and Gabbana, John Galliano, and Oscar de la Rente)


    Obviously this style and trend lends itself very naturally to brands like Angelic Pretty or even Metamorphose; brands that are fond of copious amounts of ruffles and lace. So I thought that I’d try to feature a slightly different style of lolita- yes, even Classical Lolita can be full of texture!

    Here’s a recent release by Innocent World, the Pomona JSK which has beautiful lace detailing across the bust. The bolero is also decadent with lace. I’ve chosen to go with a brownxblack coordi, so the accessories are brown and black. I’ve paid attention to choosing materials that provide that luxe feel of texture and details- so tulle flowers, wicker and lace bag, lace tights, etc.

  5. Sailor Stripes
  6. (As seen on DKNY, Rebecca Taylor, and Marc by Marc Jacobs)


    This adorable dress was released by Angelic Pretty a month or two ago. It’s called Frill Marine. Angelic Pretty is definitely not the only one to release Sailor-inspired pieces this season. Be sure to check out the navy chic over at Victorian Maiden, Metamorphose and Alice and the Pirates as well.

    Instead of a little sailor hat which can come across as rather cheesy, I’ve coordinated this with a beret instead. The nautical theme is carried on with the anchor earrings, but all in all, this coordination is obviously sailor-inspired, without looking like you just stepped off a ship as its crew.

  7. Pastel Femininity
  8. (As seen on Lanvin, Donna Karan, and Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi)


    The best way to showcase this trend of femininity and pastel colours is of course, classical lolita! Here’s a new release from Mary Magdalene. I’ve chosen their more unique colours of pink and blue- it’s not very typical of MM to use such sweet colour combinations, I think.

    In general a very straightforward coordi, I’ve used floral accessories in pastel pink to accentuate the pastels of the dress, as well as lace tights for the very feminine look.

  9. Military Chic
  10. (As seen on Marc Jacobs, Balmain and Blumarine)


    In non-lolita fashion, the military chic look is most easily carried off with the use of khaki, dark green and the “utilitarian” feel. In lolita, it’s difficult to find khaki or dark green, but that’s not to say that you can’t pull off the military look anyway! (Admittedly, this is a very niche concept and I do believe that to look nice in the military look you would need to be tall and have a certain “look”.)

    I’ve used Alice and the Pirates pieces in this coordi- a military jacket and the new Alice’s Portrait regimental stripes. Meta and VM have also released some pieces in regimental stripes for the season, so they may be alternatives if you don’t wish to have such a niche item such as the jacket. The concept of “military” is accentuated with the use of the emblem jewellery and the short boots.

Trends list put together with some help from Harper’s Bazaar and Style Bakery!

Have you managed to incorporate any of the Spring 2010 trends into your lolita fashion? Share it with us in the Flickr group! Looking forward to seeing your Spring Coordis!

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  1. Littlekobaby says:

    I love these! I think the sailor and pastel trends are my faves. I love when Western trends work into Lolita as well, it makes finding offbrand items and accessories easier.
    .-= Littlekobaby´s last blog ..Dolly Style, Fairy-kei Fashion for Dolls? =-.

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