5 ways to beat the heat!

We’re having some freak weather here in Singapore, with temperatures going as high as 37°C (that’s 98.6F for you Americans!) in the sun. Couple that with our tropical humidity, and you’ve got a couple of lolitas ready to wilt!

Here are five ways for you to beat the heat!


1. Plan what you wear!

The easiest way to ensure you’re not sweaty and dripping is of course, what you’re wearing! Go for short sleeves rather than long sleeves, light cottons rather than velvets/satins, skirts and OPs rather than jumper skirts! Even the blouses play a part. Try a blouse with a larger neckline rather than a high-necked one.

If you’re going to be travelling between warm and cooler environments (for instance, malls or cinemas) consider a bolero or cardigan for layering. Feeling warm? Take it off. Feeling cold? Put it on! If you have a cardigan/bolero stash, you may also consider wearing JSKs without a blouse.

Before you yell OMG THAT’S AGAINST THE RULES, rules are made to be broken, as long as you break them in an impressive way! Definitely, some JSKs will lend themselves better to the no-blouse look- classic lolita JSKs from Mary Magdalene come to mind. And if you’re worried about looking too bare, just wear a short-sleeved cardigan or bolero over it! You’re done, and you have the choice of layering! I envy those who can do this, I’m too skinny to fill out a JSK nicely without a blouse. 🙁

As you can see in the photo above, I’m wearing an Emily Temple Cute OP with a short-sleeved bolero over it. I removed it when things got a little too warm!

Socks and tights can also play a part in how warm you’re feeling. My sock collection is not the greatest, so I don’t have much choice when it comes to this – but given the choice, I’d wear thigh highs instead of tights, and of course the thinner the material the better.

2. Stay indoors for as long and as much as you can.

Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s former Prime Minister, once commented that air-conditioning was the most important invention of the millennium. Follow the lead of Mr Lee and duck into malls, public transportation, cafes, etc that have air-conditioning when you can!

3. Wear an updo

Most lolitas have long hair, but if it’s really warm, one of the ways you can keep off the heat is putting your hair up, away from your neck! There are several easy ways to do it for hair of all lengths, but even a simple ponytail can suffice with the right accessories and styling!

If you’re interested to find out what ways there are to create an updo, I’ll be posting some photo tutorials soon.

I put my hair up here in two buns! Very cute, and keeps the hair off the back of my neck, great for hot weather! Of course I’m also wearing a high-necked collar AND a bolero, but let’s just ignore that for the moment and concentrate on my hair…

4. Put a fan in your bag

Paper or plastic, folding fans are light and easy to transport. Stick a cute fan into your bag and whip it out when the heat gets too rough. The trick here is to fan lightly and steadily… furiously fanning yourself isn’t going to help your sweating any. Daiso sells a variety of folding fans in cute prints and shapes, some of them are really fun for lolita.

5. Staying calm

The Chinese have a saying “心静自然凉”. Literally, it means “when your heart is quiet, you will naturally be cool”. Typically, it means that when your mind is still and you are not agitated, you will naturally be calm and collected. However, some of us use it in a very literal way- ie when we’re hot outside, and slowly getting more frustrated with the heat, we say 心静自然凉… stay calm, and you will feel cool. I do find that this works for me… staying coolly detached from the heat always ensures that I’m not sweating terribly.

These are some of the ways I try to keep cool! What are yours?

This post is part of a Macaron Hearts series called “The Wednesday List”, posted every Wednesday. Leave your ideas for more lists!

Wed, March 10 2010 »

2 comments on to “5 ways to beat the heat!”

  1. Milktan says:

    Thanks for the advice!

    I aught to carry a fan around with me. Course, I don’t know why I don’t have one in the first place. Wonder if there’s a place I can get a decent lace fan.
    .-= Milktan´s last blog ..Needs MOAR Cher!! =-.

  2. Alanna says:

    Milktan, if you have a nearby Chinatown/Japantown, I’m sure there’ll be little places that have pretty lace fans! As a predominantly sweet/deco loli, my fan is made of die-cut plastic in the shape of cupcakes. 😀

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