7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, lolita-style!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a great time for you to celebrate this season of love with your beloved lolita-chan friends!

Macaron Hearts tells you 7 ways you can add a little Valentine magic to your lolita circle this year.



  1. Have a V-Day tea party
  2. Go all out and throw a Valentine’s Day tea party for your nearest and dearest! Start from pretty invites and theme everything from the decor to the food. Search the Internet for ideas on Valentine’s Day theme parties and make it a year to remember for your lolita BFFs, whether or not they’re attached.

    (Picture from Martha Stewart)


  3. Secret Cupid
  4. Make anonymous valentines for your Lolita BFFs! If you’re feeling crafty, make them by hand and snail mail your lovely friends. If you’re more digitally-inclined, send them emails, or submit your entries to communities like Lolita Valentines. Remember to subtly direct your friends to the posts if you do!


  5. Have a chocolate candy-making party
  6. It’s easy to make shaped chocolates once you know how! If you’re in Singapore, make a trip to Daiso to find chocolate candy molds and foil wrappers for your chocolate candy endeavours.

    Check out websites such as this very clear guide for instructions on how to make chocolate candy. Be careful if you’re doing it in your lolita dresses though, as it can get messy!


  7. Organise a V-Day swap
  8. If you’re feeling ambitious, organise a Valentine’s Day swap in your local community! This works best if you have a mailing list for your local lolitas. People can swap small items like handmade cards, or little gift packages. The swap can happen at a tea party, or even via snail mail!


  9. Pack a gift package for your lolita BFF
  10. Show your BFF just how much you love her with a Valentine’s Day gift package/basket!

    Add all sorts of things like chocolate, cookies, candy or maybe even teas if she doesn’t have a sweet tooth. Of course, you can also add small lolita items such as socks or headbows for a truly lolita gift. Let your creativity take you away!


  11. Dress for the season!
  12. In the season of pink frills and red hearts, it’s the perfect time for the sweet lolita to trot out her pink or red best!

    Dress for the season in your pink or red coordis, or add your own V-Day touch to a simpler outfit with heart-shaped or red accessories. Alternatively, wear coordis with prints of tons of candies and sweets!

    (Wow, check out this really old picture of me from two years ago!)


  13. Make a donation to your favourite charity
  14. In this season of love, it’s easy to forget that there are other people less fortunate than you while you are out celebrating with your loved ones. Pool some money with your lolita-chans and donate either cash or items to your favourite charity.

What other ways are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Tell us in your comments!

This post is part of a Macaron Hearts series called “The Wednesday List”, posted every Wednesday. Leave your ideas for more lists!

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