A few (three) of my favourite things!

♪These are a few of my favourite things~♫

Most of us have bursting wardrobes of lolita, but what’re your favourite items and why? Today’s Wednesday List is a feature of three of my favourite prints in my closet, but to be honest it’s so hard to pick out only three in my ocean of prints!


Dreaming Macaron 夢見るマカロン
Angelic Pretty; mint colourway; halterneck JSK

There’s something just delightful about this print. The colourful macarons all over look like little dots, which appeal to my polkadot fetish, of course, and the beautiful colours just pop on that mint!

As a (largely) decololi, the colours really appeal to me. What’s great is that with the myriad colours of the print, I can get away with using a lot of colours in my coordis as well! The material is made of a very interesting, slightly nubby material, not the usual cotton. The halterneck is also a great cut, very flattering for me because I have slighly stronger shoulders.


Red Ridding Hood 赤ずきん
Baby the Stars Shine Bright; red colourway; SK

The story of how I got this skirt is a wonderful story of serendipity. I went to Japan in 2008 with my parents and I had promised myself that I would only buy a maximum of two items from Closet Child, as I had just started working then and I wasn’t very rich yet. I left my parents wandering around the huge Daiso at Harajuku while I ran into the store, hoping to make a quick run (my parents and I had made a rendezvous half an hour later… how could anyone review Closet Child in half an hour?!) and find something that I would love.

At that point, Rose Jail had just been released, and the high-waisted version of the skirt in the offwhite colourway was the first skirt hanging on the rack when I walked in. I picked it up, and was ready to try it (at that point I really loved Rose Jail, especially the high waisted version!) and what should I see hanging behind Rose Jail… but this skirt.

You know how in some comedies or anime, when the whole world goes dark, a spotlight shines on the protagonist and a choir of angels sing behind him? And the object that he has been searching for glows with an inner light? Yeah, that was more or less how I felt that day.

Red Ridding Hood (haha- if you’re unaware, the word “Riding” is misspelt as “Ridding” on the embroidery.) was always a print (although it’s actually more an embroidery) that I coveted, although it didn’t even feature on my dream list because I thought that it was an impossibility, especially in red. Finding the skirt that day was a little miracle for me, and especially since it was right there and I didn’t need to comb the store.

My holy grail of lolita is actually finding the complete set, but I know that that’s an impossibility. I currently own the skirt and the bag, and hope for at least the cardigan in black. Some years later, I actually managed to find the red OP + hood in a good condition, but unfortunately when I tried it on, I was swimming in it, and it just looked pretty much like crap. I can tell you my heart was pretty broken that day. I considered buying it just for the sake of knowing that I owned it, but rational kicked in and I managed to walk away.

What’s great about it is that it’s so versatile. Because it has red lace (versus having white or black lace), it can be paired with both black and white for some good basic looks, and I suppose some other colours for more radical coordis. The length is also superb, I rarely feel that lolita skirts are the “correct” length for me. Now that I’m moving into AP, the skirts are getting shorter and flirtier, so it’s good to have some longer skirts for the classic bell-shape.


Sweety Gingham スウィーティーギンガム
Baby the Stars Shine Bright; mint colourway; JSK

Remember how in the last post I said that one of my weaknesses was that I would impulsively bid on something whenever I lost a bid on something that I really wanted? This is one of those exact cases, but who knew that the end result would be something I loved so much?

A friend and I were trying out a new shopping service. I was actually eyeing the Babydoll cut JSK of Gingham Rose (yes they’re different!) in mint. I placed my bid, did my deposit, and everything went well… or so I thought. I counted down the minutes and watched in horror as my JSK went to someone else entirely… well below my maximum bid. In a fit of rage, I messaged the shopping service, who gave me their apologies as they had run “into technical errors”, and they encouraged me to bid on something else. I scanned the site, and saw this JSK. Thinking that they were the same print, I bid on it immediately, only for my friend to ask me in curiosity if I had decided I wanted this print instead.

But by that time, it was too late, but I shrugged and decided to wait till it arrive to decide what to do with it… and when it arrived, I fell in love. If I don’t recall wrongly, this JSK was the start of my mint obsession.

Those are the favourite prints in my wardrobe! What are yours?

This post is part of a Macaron Hearts series called “The Wednesday List”, posted every Wednesday. Leave your ideas for more lists!

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4 comments on to “A few (three) of my favourite things!”

  1. ra says:

    I LOVE the red riding hood series. I used to have the red OP with hood but I also couldn’t justify keeping it since it didn’t fit right. (Too small for me though!)

  2. Alanna says:

    That’s too sad! What really gets me about the OP is the delightful hood! 🙁 The red is beautiful too, don’t you think?

  3. Lovely those dresses are amazing! I adore btssb <3
    .-= Sophie Alexandra´s last blog ..Dolly Outfit =-.

  4. Xafinaba says:

    I am also a largely Sweet Lolita, with occasional Hime Lolita.

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