A little ingenuity

While I love brand items, I’m also constantly on the lookout for cheaper pieces that I can incorporate into my lolita wardrobe. I rarely wear cardigans or boleros, so I haven’t found a need to invest in a brand piece.

I was preparing for a Black Alice event on Saturday, and I felt that my coordi was lacking something. I dug through my wardrobe and found this short pink cardigan which I hadn’t had the chance to wear, but by itself it was too plain. Fortunately I had some cute iron-ons in my drawer, and with a little bit of ironing, the cardigan instantly became a good lolita piece. What’s even better, the cardi had cost me about S$16, and the iron-on decals were a set of three for S$2 from our local Daiso. It’s only a tiny detail, but that little strawberry really made the cardi look cuter by a hundredfold.

Photo by me.
Bolero from DhobyXchange in Singapore.
Strawberry decal from Daiso.

Sun, October 4 2009 »

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