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Hi! I’m Alanna and I’m a lolita residing in Singapore. I’ve been wearing lolita since 2002.

My current style veers towards Sweet and Deco-lolita, and I am endlessly inspired by brands such as Angelic Pretty and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, as well as magazines such as Alice Deco A La Mode. However, my dearest friends will never let me forget that my roots are in punk, with brands such as h.Naoto and SexPot.

My first dream dress was Mary Magdalene’s Rote Rose (yes, a classic lolita piece!), and my most recently acquired dream piece is Angelic Pretty’s Milky Planet in yellow! My current obsession is fairy-kei pastels! 🙂

Photo by me.
I’m wearing:
Mary Magdalene Rote Rose OP
Lolita Lola Rocking Horse Shoes
Location: Black Alice in The Cathay, Singapore

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What is Lolita?

With its signature bell-shaped skirt and girly frills, Lolita Fashion is an instantly-recognisable, visually-appealing fashion subculture from Japan. Primarily influenced by Victorian clothing as well as fashion from the Rococo period, Lolita fashion has evolved into a vibrant subculture over the years, with several different substyles. Lolita Fashion currently enjoys a strong following in Japan, with many unique brands and magazines devoted to this subculture.

Find out more about this unique subculture at the following websites:

Photo by Wai.
I’m wearing:
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Antoinette Bouquet JSK I
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Headbow
Offbrand blouse
Location: Harajuku Station Bridge in Tokyo, Japan


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