My April so far…

… has been horribly busy! I’ve been literally swamped with work on weekdays, and weekends are a bit of a breather when I get to hang out with friends and get off the computer.

Today is the Saturday of a long weekend, so I get to get down to doing some MH posts!

New icons on the sidebar!

I’ve added some new icons on the sidebar to my Flickr, Twitter, Formspring and Bloglovin’ accounts! Do feel free to ask my questions on my Formspring, I’m ready to hear them! Edit: Added a link to my Tumblr as well!

Pocket Full of Posies

I was out with my dear Sparkly Bits at a florist/cafe, Pocket Full of Posies! The cafe is flower-themed, but the highlight of it were tables with swing benches! Instead of chairs, the cafe hung long planks from the ceiling decorated with flowers along the ropes. A very pretty little cafe, and the food was rather good at great prices. I’m sure it’s going to be our favourite hangout for a while.

Photo by Shu
Blouse, JSK: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Hair accessories: Paris Kids and Offbrand
Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Bag: Spotlight
Shoes: Offbrand (Taobao)

Nursery Rhymes Photoshoot

We put together this photoshoot concept in a week!! But the shoot seemed cursed from the start – for one all the models started falling ill or getting injured, and when we arrived, I realised that I had forgotten to bring essential parts of the outfit. (yes, I don’t even…)

But with some ingenuity and excellent innovation, we managed to put together pretty decent outfits, so Feli and I managed to pull off our deco kodona/lolita Jack and Jill!

Jack and Jill!

Jack and Jill!

Jack and Jill!

The colours were so delicious and pastel! Feli and I felt like 5-year-old kids that day. And we were so happy with the matching colours! Feli is actually wearing a totally offbrand coordinate! (Except her bow tie, which was stolen from her Country of Sweets JSK)

Photos by Sok Eng at Happy Berry
Jack is wearing: Offbrand
Jill is wearing: Angelic Pretty

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