Musings about recent brand designs

I’ll be leaving for Japan soon, and I was doing some research and putting together a shopping wishlist for my own purposes… As I was doing so, some things struck me about the recent designs posted on the respective brand blogs.

  1. Baby’s floral/all over patterns are getting more and more horrible with every release.
  2. Will you just look at this (Royal Rose JSK in brown) and this (Star Chiffon JSK in black)? What in the world?

    Actually in general I’ve felt very uninspired by Baby releases for the past season. I do however, think that certain AatP prints are rather striking, such as Queen’s Coach. At the same time, I can’t stand the JSK/OP designs for Vampire Forest or Tarot Card… they could have done so much better. So so so much better.

    That’s the Royal Rose JSK. I think what really irritates me about it is the lace on the ribbon. It really looks tacky!

  3. Why, Baby, Why!!
  4. Why does Baby persist in reproducing old prints/designs? Why?! Urgh. I admit, some lolitas will welcome the second chance at getting their hands on a certain print, but I’m sorry. I (and I’m sure many others too…) do like being a special snowflake. 🙁

    Left: Friend Usakumya Judy JSK… yet another reproduced print.

    When you consider it on a marketing front- part of the reason why Angelic Pretty does so well and is considered to be a “high-end”, “elite” lolita brand is because they don’t reproduce their past prints. What happens is that this makes each print very limited and exclusive; and AP holds their value very well on the second-hand market. This also results in lolitas rushing for each new print and potentially scalping others, but it remains that each design is something special and limited. Isn’t that the point of buying prints anyway? For something unique?

    Others will argue that that’s not Baby’s marketing style, that reprints make lolita accessible for everyone. But as a regular lolita consumer, I feel gypped. I don’t feel the need to buy new releases from Baby, because (1) it’ll pop up in the second-hand market for a much lower price anyway; (2) even if I don’t get it now, chances are high that they’ll reproduce it maybe in a year or so. It cheapens the brand on the marketing front; and as a former Baby lover, this really makes me sad and is one of the main reasons I have not bought Baby brand new for ages.

    (The day that I see my beloved Red Ridding Hood in stores again, I will cry. I WILL REALLY CRY.)

  5. Old school designs are coming back into fashion.
  6. I’m noticing a throw back to the very old-school lolita designs, with very simple black and white solids, the “maxi-pad” headwear, applique designs and more. These are just some examples, I’ve seen the trend across the brands.

    I’m not really complaining or anything, it’s just an observation that our designs are coming back full circle.

    Above: Juliena Cutsew from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

  7. As always, certain Metamorphose designs never fail to make me stare incredulously.
  8. I don’t even know what to say.

    To be honest, a strange part of me wants to buy one of this in a slightly tamer colour (or even in this colour) and prove that it can be worn.

    Above: Meta’s Kimono Print High-Waisted JSK in Red (and yellow, and blue, and purple, and… you get my drift)

Unfortunately due to the designs of the brands mostly geared towards winter weather (hardly surprising), I doubt I’ll be buying anything new from the stores other than accessories perhaps; and will hit up Closet Childs across Tokyo for my lolita shopping instead!

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2 comments on to “Musings about recent brand designs”

  1. Caro says:

    That first print looks so much like a Meta print XD The second one you have linked is kind of cute though.

    I don’t see re-releases of prints as such a bad thing. BtSSB doesn’t seem to do it all the time, and I’ve yet to see an exact re-release of one of their “big name” prints. But then again, I don’t really see Lolita dresses as an investment and don’t really care about being the only one in the world with that dress XD Comparing AP and BtSSB seems kind of unfair, I mean they do things pretty differently. AP seems much more print driven, lots of very similar dresses with different prints, and BtSSB seems to do more on the design side of the style. Most BtSSB prints are just classical floral or something subtle any ways.

    I’m sorry that one of your favorite skits would be ruined for you if they re-released it 🙁

    XD That meta dress, I don’t know how to feel about it! It’s so bright! I’m sure someone could make it look awesome though.

    • Alanna says:

      Hi Caro, thanks for your comment!

      The Star Chiffon one looks like it could be quite cute up close, but there’s something about it that looks very unappealing from afar, to me at least. D:

      What do you think is a big name print for Baby? 😮 Off the top of my head, Baby has reproduced a few very popular, (for some maybe rare) prints/designs, such as Alice Chess, Stained Glass Seraphim, the originally location-limited colours of Merry Sweet Castle and Hymn, Name of the Rose, Pockets, Miranda, Gather Frill to name a few.

      I was especially affected by the re-release of MSC, because it wasn’t that easy to get that particular colour!

      I’d also say that the only reason why it would be unfair to compare BtSSB and AP is that they cater to different clientele; but in such a niche fashion like loli, it’s inevitable to compare the two because they’re so big and popular.

      But really, I shan’t belabour the point, because I’m sure there are many, like you, who don’t really mind re-releases! 😀

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