BtSSB x Black Alice Fashion Runway

This was already posted on EGL by Steph in December, but since I did the coordination and management for the runway I think it bears saying, especially on MH, again. 🙂

Tim, the owner of Black Alice, also ran a big Japanese cultural event in December, and as part of the activities on stage, he wanted to hold a lolita fashion runway show.

Photography by shattering dreams on flickr.
Location: Drama Centre, National Library Building

Local lolitas were enthusiastic in responding to us when we requested for models, and I was glad to have so many beautiful lolitas to work with! Baby the Stars Shine Bright was also very kind to Black Alice and agreed to sponsor several outfits for our runway. We received five outfits in the mail and Tim, Ling and I put our heads together to match our models to outfits from our own wardrobes, the store, and Baby. I think everyone looked great that day, the matchup was pretty wonderful!

Model Lineup

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
*Bunny Milk & Snow Strawberry (red & white) – Aeth & Jolene
*Castle of Nightmares – Emily
*Y-Clown – Kaixin
Chain Bouquet – Karmen
Miranda – Ivory
Mary in the Sky with Candies – Momo
*Fraise de la Princesse – Lyzz

Angelic Pretty
Dreaming Macaron – Feli
Rose Toilette – Grace
Fruits Parlour – Isabel
Dreaming Dollhouse – Hannah
Star Night Theater – Steph

*denotes outfits sponsored by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

A video of the full runway under the cut, courtesy of Aron and Michelle.

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  1. Awww, all of the models look so beautiful! Great job!

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