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1. I’m off to the States again soon! (In almost exactly a week from now!) I’ve put some things up for sale on egl sales to soothe my crying bank account (lol.) If you see anything you like, please let me know you got the information from my blog, and I can give you a […]

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Mon, November 21 2011 » daily coordi, personal posts » No Comments

Daily Coordi: Happy Guro Halloween!

Happy Halloween, readers! Hope you guys got all nice and dressed up in your costumes! Last week I went out for a Halloween-themed shoot with my dear friends Feli and Shu. Shu and I developed the concept for a guro-lolita shoot (I am Riding Hood and Feli was Cinderella!) and she searched for the location. […]

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Mon, October 31 2011 » daily coordi » No Comments

Daily Coordi: Disney Live! Show

Went out with Ivory for the Disney Live show last week, and we went in Disney-inspired fashion! Can you tell which characters we’re supposed to be? Heh heh. We charmed a lot of little kids who stared at us wide-eyed, especially some adorable little girls dressed in Disney Princess costumes. PS! Sorry for the low […]

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Thu, September 22 2011 » daily coordi » 2 Comments

Daily Coordi: 20 August 2011

Jacket: Atelier Boz Blouse: Fanplusfriend Skirt + Kachyusha: Angelic Pretty Trump Carnival Boots: Secret Shop Was out at the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention recently, and decided to go in rori! Twinned my Trump Carnival with Ivory, and as is usual, we decided on our outfit only that very morning, haha. My smart, lovely […]

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Tue, August 23 2011 » daily coordi » No Comments

Mini outfit dump-

Two outfits for July! I know it’s been so long since I’ve been posting… I don’t even know why I feel so tired when I get home after work these days. I can’t even get my fire up for blogging! 🙁 Anyway, here are two outfits I wore recently. Went out for lunch with my […]

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Thu, August 11 2011 » daily coordi » No Comments

My April so far…

… has been horribly busy! I’ve been literally swamped with work on weekdays, and weekends are a bit of a breather when I get to hang out with friends and get off the computer. Today is the Saturday of a long weekend, so I get to get down to doing some MH posts! New icons […]

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Sat, April 23 2011 » admin, daily coordi, personal posts » No Comments

Daily Coordi: 18 March 2011

The last week was the school holidays, but in between my surgery and the renovations, I didn’t really have any time to myself to do what I wanted. On Friday, I was determined to go out feeling cute… so I did! Salopette, socks – Angelic Pretty Petti – ManiaQ Blouse – Metamorphose Shoes, bag – […]

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Fri, March 25 2011 » daily coordi » 4 Comments

10/7 Challenge: Outfit 2, 3 and 4!

The 10/7 Challenge is a wardrobe challenge where we have to form 7 distinctive outfits out of only 10 main wardrobe items! Come join in the fun and leave a link in the comments if you want to play! Here are Outfits 2, 3 and 4 in the 10items/7outfits Challenge! Theme: On a Date! I […]

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Wed, February 16 2011 » 10items/7outfits, daily coordi » 2 Comments

The 10 Items/7 Outfits Challenge

For the next few weeks, Wednesday List will take a break while Alanna discusses her new project, 10 Items/7 Outfits! Watch out for a new outfit in the 10/7 Challenge every Wednesday for the next 7 weeks! I was flipping through the January issue of Kera again while looking for something, and it reminded me […]

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Wed, February 2 2011 » 10items/7outfits, daily coordi » 4 Comments

Daily Coordi: Date with myself~

I was beginning to feel like a hermit all cooped up at home, and I was feeling ugly because my complexion had gone from bad to worse. 🙁 I blame late nights. So anyway, to cheer myself up, I decided to pretty myself up and head out to Kinokuniya (large Japanese bookstore) and Meidi-ya (large […]

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Fri, January 7 2011 » daily coordi » No Comments

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