Pre-ordered Meta’s Masquerade Lady

As the title says, haha! I’ve just pre-ordered Metamorphose’s Masquerade Lady OP in the wine colour. I also ordered the matching socks! I fell in love with the sample product pictures, and it was kinda “I really need this” dress and print. My most recent purchases have been straying from my usual sweet/deco self, now […]

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Mon, August 15 2011 » got loli, new release » 3 Comments

Weekly Roundup: Week of 13 Feb

It’s time for some weekly roundup! Angelic Pretty There’s a new, extremely sweet, tartan print, Macaron Tartan! It comes in pants and skirt form, and there are some other accessories including some interesting bracelets in the Macaron Tartan wristband. There’re also some cute little cutsews to go with the French cafe series, and some cute […]

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Sun, February 20 2011 » new release, weekly roundup » No Comments

I’m late! I’m late! – G&L Alice

Ok guys, I admit, this is my bad. I completely forgot about Gothic and Lolita Alice until yesterday, and yes, it’s already up on the Disney Store website, and to my horror, all the things I really wanted are sold out. 🙁 In any case, you can check out the G&L Alice section and see […]

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Mon, February 14 2011 » new release » 1 Comment

Weekly Roundup: Week of 6 Feb

It’s time for some weekly roundup! Spring is definitely upon us as the brands are beginning to release Spring-friendly items! Angelic Pretty Spring is definitely upon us, with jacket sets such as the Striped Logo Jacquard set going into stores. That’s a pretty subtle print, I think that the pictures aren’t going to do it […]

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Sun, February 13 2011 » new release, weekly roundup » No Comments

Felissimo for Disney

As a huge Disney fan, I am thrilled to bits to see this range of couture items for Disney in collaboration with Felissimo! These are clothes items designed for Disney by well-known fashion brands. In particular I am very enchanted by the Bambi (by Syrup) and Alice in Wonderland (by nusy) items! I also looove […]

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Fri, February 11 2011 » new release » 2 Comments

Weekly Roundup: Week of 23 Jan

It’s time for some weekly roundup! Angelic Pretty A re-release of Flower Butterfly is back in stores. Also, a gold print, Classic Champagne is in the stores, together with a range of accessories like parasols and tote bags. I am very in love with these delightful sneakers! Must get my hands on them somehow! Atelier […]

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Sun, January 30 2011 » new release » No Comments

Weekly Roundup: Week of 16 Jan

It’s time for some weekly roundup! There’s a big Laforet sale going on from 20-24 January, with huge sales at all the stores in the building. Lots of lucky packs and sales from 10-50% off at our favourites such as AP, Meta, Nile Perch and more. Most of the week’s updates were based on this […]

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Sun, January 23 2011 » new release » No Comments

Weekly roundup: Week of 2 January

It’s time for some weekly roundup! Let’s see what the stores have been up to with the start of the new year! Generally the stores are all still plugging their lucky bags, although I’m sure the more popular ones like AP and BtSSB have been snapped up. The store blogs are a bit slow to […]

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Sun, January 9 2011 » new release, weekly roundup » No Comments

Lolita drama series: Deka Wanko

In case you haven’t heard yet, a drama series based on lolita-centric manga Deka Wanko (starring Tabe Mikako) begins airing this January in Japan. Originally written by Kozueko Morimoto, the author of Gokusen, this story tells the adventures of a rookie detective Ichiko “Wanko” Hanamori. Ichiko wears lolita to work, while solving cases with her […]

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Mon, January 3 2011 » new release » 3 Comments

New Release: Gothic and Lolita Alice

I was flipping through the latest issue of Kera when I saw this delightful ad for a new release of items by Disney titled Gothic and Lolita Alice. Due to be released in February, this newest range of items seems to be geared at those interested in Japanese gothic/punk/lolita fashion, ie, the Kera readers.  Sorry […]

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Thu, December 30 2010 » new release » 6 Comments

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