Angelic Pretty and BtSSB lucky packs

Looks like the Lucky Pack season is here! From previous experience, you can get very lovely items for a very good deal in these lucky packs, or fukubukuros in their native language. BtSSB/AatP Lucky Packs The lucky pack page is here, where you can see a sample of the items that go in each pack. […]

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Fri, December 24 2010 » new release » 2 Comments

Musings about recent brand designs

I’ll be leaving for Japan soon, and I was doing some research and putting together a shopping wishlist for my own purposes… As I was doing so, some things struck me about the recent designs posted on the respective brand blogs. Baby’s floral/all over patterns are getting more and more horrible with every release. Will […]

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Thu, December 2 2010 » lolita thoughts, new release » 2 Comments

New releases!

Baby released a whole bunch of new prints over the past week while I wasn’t looking! (Happy Lunar New Year to all who celebrate it!) First off we have Mary’s Sweet Sheep, a rather pretty and sweet print in the style of some of their more recent, all over type prints such as Heart Marble […]

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Fri, February 19 2010 » new release » 5 Comments

This week’s weekly roundup…

Ughhhhh I was pretty ill yesterday and I spent the entire day in bed feeling sorry for myself, so this week’s weekly roundup is not happening! 🙁 Sorry if you were looking forward to that! (left: Rose Ornament Jumper Skirt I) But Baby did release new items for reservation this week! The first print is […]

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Sun, February 7 2010 » new release » No Comments

New release: Meta Popping Balloon

Meta has just released a new print, Popping Balloon. It’s a pretty typical Metamorphose print, very brightly coloured as usual. The Meta blog has a very cute coordi with their CookieBear hoodie and the Popping Balloon skirt, but the cellphone pictures really detract from the overall look! I think my favourite colourway out of the […]

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Mon, February 1 2010 » new release » No Comments

New release: AatP Sleeping Beauty

Alice and the Pirates has just put on reservation the Sleeping Beauty print. The OP reminds me a lot of the Hymn OP in terms of cut and style. I just hope that they managed to fix the fitting problems that came with Hymn. (The cutting of Hymn was really weird near the sleevehole area, […]

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Thu, January 28 2010 » new release » No Comments

New Release: Very Berry Sweet Pie

Baby just released a new print for reservation, Very Berry Sweet Pie. The cut of the babydoll JSK looks very unique and pretty, and the thin straps and ribbon detail on the neckline of the scallop JSK looks nice too. I’m quite interested in the skirt, in the Strawberry Chocolate colour. I also quite like […]

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Wed, January 20 2010 » new release » No Comments

angelicpoodle: New AP Jelly Print KERA Ads

Scans of Angelic Pretty’s new print are out, courtesy of chibi_tenshi on the Angelic Poodle LJ Comm. Check them out here: New AP Jelly Print KERA Ads. Your thoughts? The mint OP looks absolutely delightful, although as is with most AP prints, I’d like to see it for myself in person before deciding whether I […]

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Wed, January 20 2010 » new release » 1 Comment

New Angelic Pretty item by Amo

Amo and Angelic Pretty have teamed up to cooperate on another item again, this time Moon Night Story, a bag that looks like an envelope. According to the description, the bag is meant to look like a love letter (which explains the mid-February release) and will come with a mini mirror. Expect it in three […]

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Sun, January 17 2010 » new release » No Comments

New release: Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry, Flocky Chandelier

In addition to Castle of Nightmare and Victorian Card which I didn’t post about, Baby the Stars Shine Bright has released two new prints for reservation – Flocky Chandelier and Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry. (The last name made me giggle.) I was just thinking that Baby’s looking for their special niche now and their […]

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Thu, November 5 2009 » new release » 2 Comments

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