Coquettish Tiara

Here’s a really cute store for bags, Coquettish Tiara!

Coquettish Tiara

Coquettish Tiara (cute name!) has some really lovely bags, especially if you’re a sweet lolita. Tons of pastel pink bags with frills and ruffles, as well as some bags that look like they could be from Angelic Pretty! And if you’re a classic lolita, some of the bags in white could be beautiful with your coordinates too! :sparkle:

Coquettish Tiara

In particular I really like Fabiana in Red, Amery and the cute floral backpacks, Rosine! What I also like is that they have a range of different styles of bags, so whether you’re a lolita who likes shoulder bags, or handbags, Coquettish Tiara probably has something for you. The backpacks in particular enchant me, I think it might be fun to carry backpacks with lolita! XD

Coquettish Tiara

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