Crafting Lolis!

Black Alice is always looking out for fun events to do besides tea parties, and one of the ideas thrown out for the next event was scrapbooking!

I have some experience doing scrapbooking and a lot of fun equipment for it, so I volunteered to host the first Black Alice scrapping crop ever. That’s me in the picture giving out the papers, although I’m not too sure why I look so confused. Must be one of the girls asking me a question, heh heh.

Photo by Michelle.
I’m wearing:
Emily Temple Cute Decoration Cake OP
Offbrand cardigan

It was a small group, but I think the number was good! Any more and it would have been difficult to share our items or give everyone good attention.

A very beautiful shot of our layouts! Everyone did two that day, and I had another two that I did previously as examples. I think scrapping is a great way to showcase photos of lolitas, especially since photos of us lend themselves to very pretty layouts. The two layouts in the foreground are mine.

A shot of the pretty, frilly participants! From left: Xiumin, Miaohui, Steph, Jasmine, Teresa, Shu, Ling and me right in the front bending down.

Photo by Michelle.
Xiumin and Miaohui in Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.
Steph and Teresa in Victorian Maiden.
Jasmine and Alanna in Emily Temple Cute.
Shu in Metamorphose Temps de Filles.
Ling in Mary Magdalene.

Thanks for coming for the crop, everyone! I loved seeing how everyone put their photos together, hope you all had fun.

Tue, October 6 2009 »

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