Daily Coordi: 18 March 2011

The last week was the school holidays, but in between my surgery and the renovations, I didn’t really have any time to myself to do what I wanted. On Friday, I was determined to go out feeling cute… so I did!

Today's coordi - 18 March 2011

Salopette, socks – Angelic Pretty
Petti – ManiaQ
Blouse – Metamorphose
Shoes, bag – Swimmer
Hair accessories – Paris Kids, etc

Here’s my new AP Salopette! I’m really very enchanted by the non-print items from most brands- the attention to detail is marvellous. You can’t see it, but the material has a little glitter stripe running through each stripe, so there’s a little shine and shimmer. The stripes are also aligned beautifully! I didn’t like the fact that my top was purple-centric while my knees and below were blue-centric, so after this shot I added some blue items to my hair and my wrist.

IMG_0768 I’m also wearing my brand new sneakers from Swimmer! The story is, I saw this pair of shoes on one of Kyandi-chan‘s wardrobe posts where she had a tiny little picture of an “incoming” pair, and she was nice enough to share where she got her shoes from. I buzzed Nicole, and by some luck, Nicole was also Kyandi’s shopping service, and that picture was a crop of a larger photo that originally came from her anyway! Nicole generously shared the picture with me for a choice of the other designs, but I decided that I had to wear those happy clouds.

This was one of the times when I did get actually laughed at while on the streets- usually I just get derisive stares. But there was a mother with two little girls in denim overalls (like mine!), and they kept smiling and staring in a good way. I don’t usually pay attention to the people around me, but these two little girls put a positive spin on my day. 🙂

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4 comments on to “Daily Coordi: 18 March 2011”

  1. sara says:

    those shoes + salopette = awesome outfit! 🙂 so cute, i might just have to get myself a pair of those shoes (or similar! :D)

  2. Joyce says:

    omg those sneakers are really cute

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