Daily Coordi: Date with myself~

I was beginning to feel like a hermit all cooped up at home, and I was feeling ugly because my complexion had gone from bad to worse. 🙁 I blame late nights. So anyway, to cheer myself up, I decided to pretty myself up and head out to Kinokuniya (large Japanese bookstore) and Meidi-ya (large Japanese supermarket) to do some shopping!

Daily Coordi: 4 Jan 2011

Here I am in my h.NAOTO Honey JSK. 😀 I’m also wearing a soft bustier inside the JSK, both are by Honey. The bustier is actually part of a two piece set – it also comes with a matching bolero with embroidered roses.

h.NAOTO Honey This outfit was pretty much an excellent deal from Closet Child. It’s not really easy to find Honey, h.jelly, FRILL or GRAMM at Closet Child, especially in good condition, so when I saw this I was very happy. I’ve been wanting to try the Honey line for a while, so this is was a good chance. (PS. The bolero isn’t actually blue, it’s just my lousy phone camera colour balance.)

I’m also wearing my beloved RHS! I haven’t had a chance to wear them recently because they don’t match my coordis!

In the end, I got some stationery at Kino, a lot of food at the supermart and even some new clothes that I think could be used for fairykei! I think in general it was a good day, and I am immensely cheered up. :3

Bustier, JSK – h.NAOTO Honey
Shoes – Secret Shop
Accessories – offbrand

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