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As a huge Disney fan, I am thrilled to bits to see this range of couture items for Disney in collaboration with Felissimo!

These are clothes items designed for Disney by well-known fashion brands. In particular I am very enchanted by the Bambi (by Syrup) and Alice in Wonderland (by nusy) items! I also looove that polka dotted cardigan that alludes to Minnie Mouse.

To have a look at all the clothes by character, click the second menu item on the minisite. To view by clothing item type, click the third menu item.

Felissimo is a mail order company that originated from Japan. There’s an international site too, but no word if these items will be on the international site. So it looks like for the meantime, we’ll have to resort to shopping services if we want these items.

Fri, February 11 2011 »

2 comments on to “Felissimo for Disney”

  1. Umi says:

    It’s not very original, but for some reason I really love the grey snow white tee paired with the red ribbon. I want to own that!

    • Alanna says:

      I saw the coordi and had to smile! It’s so simple and yet so evocative. I’d totally wear that for a day at Disneyland, haha!

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