Forest Girl

Not that loli, but recently I was out with Shu from Tea-Tray in the Sky for a shoot that was mori-girl themed.

Together with Nancy, our photography assistant, we trekked (admittedly not very far) to a rustic little spot to an old train station, which is due to shut down this year.

The tracks are still in use, but not to worry, we didn’t risk life and limb to bring you these shots! The station master was quite happy to let us shoot… “once the train goes by, any time now.”

The following are some of my favourite shots. These are edited by me, but for many more edited by Shu, check out her Flickr album.

Forest Girl

What you don’t see in this photo is that it was slightly stinky! I saw this shed while I was on the tracks and I thought it would make the perfect “rustic” background. The original photo is interesting – the yellow bottle hiding behind the pot was actually so bright it was distracting, so Shu and I have both edited its saturation down quite a lot.

Forest Girl

Actually I don’t really like my expression in this photo, but the composition of this shot is gorgeous. The lovely parallel train tracks, the bokeh… now if only my expression was slightly more wistful and waiflike rather than just this herpderp look.

Forest Girl

That long grass was SHARP and nearly cut me to ribbons. Also, there was a grasshopper near me that had to be chased away before I would climb into that grass patch!

Hope you liked our shots! All pictures clickable for a larger image.

All photos above by Shu.
Editing, model: Alanna.
Dress: Gunne Sax.
Shawl: ASOS

Mon, April 4 2011 »

5 comments on to “Forest Girl”

  1. Tyler says:

    Wonderful photos, I just love the wistful feeling they give. That shawl is amazing!

  2. Ian says:

    The last shot in the long grass is gorgeous! The blade seem oversized, giving the whole photo an “Alice in Wonderland” feeling. Where were these pictures taken?

  3. Ian says:

    I see, it’s very beautiful there! Keep up the good work.

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