Giveaway reminder and more!

Hello lolitas, it’s been a very trying week generally…

Earthquake - Stranded in Shinjuku

First of course, there’s been the natural disasters that have rocked the world. All my friends are safe, and for that I’m glad, but it’s still horrific to see the pictures and videos of the disasters happening, and the terrible aftermath. If you haven’t done your bit, please do if you are able to!

Tiny tooth brooch Next, I had my wisdom teeth out! I spent the entire first day being very sorry for myself and curled up in bed, nursing my poor swollen gums. I went for the local anaesthesia rather than general, so I was awake and could feel the dentist digging around. It was horrible when he pulled my top molar out though, the anaesthesia hadn’t gone as far back as I’d have liked, and it HURT. ;A; But I think the worst moment came when he showed me my teeth in his bloody glove. The upper one still had bits of my gum and gristle on it. Ick! My meals have essentially been soup, bread and very small bits of other food which the domestic help very kindly cut up for me. I don’t think I can manage chewing on rice just yet, but I hope this will all clear up and the swelling would have gone down by the end of the week!

And if that wasn’t good enough, my parents decided that it would be good to have some minor renovations going on at home. So I had to curl up on my brother’s bed (which thankfully was not touched, and he gave up his bed to me in a surprising gesture of goodwill and even tucked me in nicely after he saw I was in pain) and supervise pretty much the moving out of my entire room into the study and the living room. I don’t actually know where all my stuff is… *weeps*

Giveaways! Swimmer Candles ANYWAY, in happier news, I ensured that I knew exactly where my box of giveaways is, so if you haven’t left a comment for the giveaway entry yet, what are you waiting for? You have about 24 hours more to leave a comment!

Here’s hoping you had a less stressful week than mine so far! Cheers!

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