Halloween preparations

I have a soft spot in my heart for Halloween and lolita. Halloween 2008 was the first event that Black Alice held with a host, and Tim & Ling requested for me to host the teaparty. It was quite a nice success, and from that event, BA teaparties have always involved activities and mingling.

Tomorrow’s event is not hosted by me as I took the past few events, but I’m really excited for it still! I’ve decided on wearing my brand new Chain Bouquet long JSK from BtSSB tomorrow, but intelligent me forgot that I didn’t have a black, dramatic headpiece, so at 8pm today, I went out to hunt for materials to try to cobble something together.

I decided that I would be a dark queen tomorrow, so I would make a crown. Originally I was thinking of making a crown with some fake PVC and sewing, but later decided on a tiara.

I dropped by Aries (a local chain store that specialises in costume jewellery, something like Claire’s!) to look for a metal hairband and some jewellery I could cannibalise. I’ve been doing this for a while, since the mall is so near me, and I can just run in to get stuff. The blue pearls were a lucky lucky find! Last in the store, and the colour is a good match for the blue on my Chain Bouquet. The stuff above came in at about S$15, not too bad!

I make jewellery as a hobby, and I’m a bit of a packrat, so I have a ton of small crystals (which didn’t really come into use) and some small gauge wires. The wires are used to tie the beads to the hairband.

I started by wrapping my beads around the headband… it started out prettty messy but I got the hang of it about halfway in and things became much neater and faster.

The finished base was pretty but I felt like it lacked something, still… so I added some spikes to it.

Twist, twist, twist, twist. The twist gives strength to the spike so that it stays upupup!

And the finished product! 😀 Sorry for the bad picture, I’ll try to take a better one tomorrow.

Fri, October 30 2009 »

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