Got Loli! – Innocent World Lucky Pack A Summer 2011

Just got my lucky pack A (the 52k yen one) from Innocent World in the mail! A couple of hits and misses, but overall I’m quite pleased with the pack. I apologise in advance for some bad lighting, the sun was setting and I was in my room. All pictures are clickable and will bring you to my flickr.

Bolero The bolero that everyone got in various colours. I’m fine with black and white, it’s good for work too.

Pompadour JSK (Short) Pompadour JSK. Definitely one of the hits in the pack. I was really lucky and I got it in the short version. I would have preferred it in the green colour, but I’m happy with this colour as well.

Short-sleeved Jabot blouse A cream blouse with jabot. The blouse is absolutely gorgeous!

Selene Blouse Selene blouse in pink. It’s alright, it’s rather translucent, so I will have to wear something underneath. But overall it’s good for summer and work too. It’s a little plain and severe, but should be easily dressed up with a necklace of some sort.

Aphrodite JSK Aphrodite JSK in black and pink. It’s hard to tell, but the little “dots” are actually pale pink hearts. It’s a great summer weight, and I love this dress to bits. Steph thinks that it’s just “not me”, but I think I can wear this to work pretty easily! I’ll have to slowly work my way up to wearing girly stuff like this… haha!

Flora JSK (long) I tore into my lucky pack looking for the Flora JSK because it’s one of my “regrets” – I really really regretted not buying it when it was available! I was so chuffed to get the blue, which is my first choice colour, but I am disappointed that I got the long cut. It’s bigger, and it doesn’t really fit me around my chest. The material is gorgeous though, very soft and silky. I am ready to alter this if I can’t get it in the short length via trades… haha.

Aliese Skirt Aliese Skirt in black. This is probably going into the trade/sale pile. A bit too sombre for me. Very well-made, and more of a fall/winter weight, but generally classic style all black is not really my thing.

Maurice Pants The interesting Maurice pants. I think this COULD be wearable somehow… we’ll see.

Socks and Hat The accessories. I saw the socks and was pleased, I love the “ballet shoe” concept, but the hat… hahaha. I honestly don’t know. It’s just SO STRANGE. Have a look at the detail here.

Did you buy the lucky pack? Let me know if you want to trade for anything!

Mon, July 11 2011 »

2 comments on to “Got Loli! – Innocent World Lucky Pack A Summer 2011”

  1. Sarah says:

    It seems like this year, the summer packs were really good! ;o; I feel bummed that I didn’t order them. Im always so skeptical about lucky packs because I feel like I won’t get anything decent. XD I tend to have a bad luck of draw.

    • Alanna says:

      I really enjoyed almost every piece in here, even the questionable Maurice Pants! I was a bit worried, because my friends didn’t have that good luck with the Winter Packs, but I’m glad I got this particular one! Even the Aliese skirt.. I think I know how to coordi that with the pieces I have!

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