So much loli, so few occasions…

I’ve recently been cleaning my room because of the minor renovations, so it’s been a carthartic experience to throw away a lot of old photos and journals with unhappy memories…

Milky Planet OP Steph went to Japan sometime earlier this year, and I don’t know how she does it, but her loli luck is second to none. She encountered sales, dream prints, and essentially all sorts of yummy loots. We keep saying we have to visit with her. She came back with a whole haul for me… I don’t even know how I managed to shop so much even without being in Japan at that point. The wonders of the Internet and Twitter! In any case, she got for me the star of my wishlist (which I listed earlier!): Milky Planet in yellow! Amongst a whole bunch of other things…

My point is, right now I have so many loli items that haven’t been worn yet, simply because I don’t really have an occasion to wear it to. Partially it’s because my items are mostly very sweet, and not really good for everyday wear, especially to work. Secondly, I don’t like wearing things that are toooooo over the top sweet by myself because… I can only take a certain amount of staring!

Some notes: If you haven’t given to Japan yet, please help! Secondly, thank you for your active participation in the March Giveaway! I’ve closed the comments for that page, and will announce the winners soon!

Tue, March 22 2011 »

4 comments on to “So much loli, so few occasions…”

  1. sara says:

    ahhhh that’s so cool! i feel the same way, i love sweet lolita and i have beautiful pieces but i can’t find a time to wear them :/

    • Alanna says:

      Yes! I have so many new things in my wardrobe, but there’s just no chance and no real occasion to wear loli out to! 🙁 *sobs with*

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    Lucky girl, that’s an awesome print! I guess I understand, I have a dress or two that I made that I haven’t worn out yet, no real reason why either. No time, I guess.

    • Alanna says:

      It sounds funny that we have to make time for loli, but that’s really how it is! And yes, I think I’m rather lucky too!

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