Lolita drama series: Deka Wanko

In case you haven’t heard yet, a drama series based on lolita-centric manga Deka Wanko (starring Tabe Mikako) begins airing this January in Japan.


Originally written by Kozueko Morimoto, the author of Gokusen, this story tells the adventures of a rookie detective Ichiko “Wanko” Hanamori. Ichiko wears lolita to work, while solving cases with her dog-like sense of smell! Besides having to prove herself to her male colleagues, she also has to deal with her rival, the REAL police dog!

I haven’t read the manga yet, but I’m ready to try it out! The manga is up to chapter 39 at the moment.

Above synopsis with help from One Manga.


So far, we know at least two lolita brands have pitched in to sponsor some of the outfits that Ichiko wears in the drama. Putumayo sponsors the dress in the title image and the trailer – the Check Halter Onepiece released in October 2010.

I’m rather amazed at how they managed to get such a similar dress to the one that the manga Ichiko wears!

Above image from Mision Tokyo.

Deka Wanko Also released were some screencaps and offcamera shots of the actors- Angelic Pretty has sponsored the Trump Carnival JSK in blue! Not so sure about the coordi though… brown tights? Really? Shoot the stylist!

In any case, I’ll be sure to catch this drama once it starts airing and subbers get it done. Watch out for updates!

Information and pictures via Ivory and this journal. Thanks!

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  2. Miss Lumpy says:

    Huh! I’ve never heard of the manga before, but from the second picture it looks at least like it’ll be true to the original. Let’s hope it’s true to lolita, too- looks pretty promising so far!

  3. […] mentioned in my previous post, Deka Wanko is a lolita-centric drama based on a lolita-wearing detective who solves crimes with […]

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