Lolita life update!

Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend/holiday! Sorry for the lack of Weekly Roundup this week, I’ve been really busy getting some other things done and haven’t had the time to go look at the different store blogs this week.

  1. Shopping
  2. I’ve been out shopping! I went to Uniqlo and picked up two tops. First, a tunic dress from their Alice in Wonderland collaboration, and a long-sleeved, lavender top that’s a collab between Uniqlo and Asami Kiyokawa. I thought that last top could be something cute for a pop look, and well… who can resist Alice in Wonderland! (Well, I can’t…)

    I also dropped by Black Alice and put the red ribbon JSK version of Alice Pearl Portrait on reserve! I’m quite enthralled by it; the red is superb (before mint, my pet colour was red) and the material is a light cotton that’s perfect for humid Singapore weather! It bears saying that I’m more pleased with this material than what they used for last summer, (example: Longest Name in the World series) which was very thin.

  3. Photography
  4. Like most other iPhone users, I’m quite into downloading applications for my iPhone. I’ve recently gotten into iPhoneography, so a lot of my apps are to do with photography and processing on the iPhone. In fact, I recently set up a little photoblog for my iPhoneography at

    I also went to set up a Flickr group for Macaron Hearts. What goes in here will be the photos that I take for the purpose of Macaron Hearts (ie, not stock photos). Everyone is welcome to join too! Before you ask why in the world you would want to join this group… I’m saving that as a surprise for this Tuesday! 😀

Sun, April 4 2010 »

One comment on to “Lolita life update!”

  1. Milktan says:

    I love the low-fi image of your laptop! I never thought the iphone could take such high quality photos! *_* Almost makes you wanna buy one but I can’t afford the 300$ plan. 🙁
    .-= Milktan´s last blog ..Bodyline Review! =-.

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