Lolita Shopping: OIOI One

This entry is the third entry of a series of articles on shopping in Japan for lolita items. Please note that all information in this article is correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change in time.

Marui-one-Shinjuku Pronounced as marui (ma-roo-ee) one, no lolitas’ trip to Japan is complete without having visited this mecca of Lolita shopping, OIOI One, at least once.

OIOI One, part of the OIOI family, specialises in providing for the fashion subgenres of Japan. Other members of the OIOI family include: the original OIOI, OIOICity, OIOI Men’s and more.

Photo of Marui One from Japan Tenkai.

If you want to buy anything brand new and off the rack from any of the major brands, my suggestion is definitely to come here as you can get duty-free shopping with a minimum spend. Considering that one skirt is enough to get you that minimum spend, there’s really no reason why you should go elsewhere for shopping from stores.

Marui One is literally six floors of nothing but items geared at the “Harajuku kid”- ie, the lolitas, the punks, the himes, etc etc. Each floor is themed for a certain fashion style and you’ll have fun walking through all the different stores. In particular, I recommend just wandering on the Gothic floors – the Alice Auaa store never fails to half enthrall, half scare me…

OIOI One floor theme and selected stores

For the full range, please see the Marui One website.

1F Tokyo Pop
* ・Space ONE(イベントスペース)
* ・ONE Labo(イベントスペース)

2F Street Casual

* ・Malko Malka
* ・Monomania
* ・Lovers’ Rock

3F Princess

* ・Emily Temple Cute
* ・La Pafait

4F New Japanese Modern

* ・Jesus Diamante
* ・レレ ジュニームーン
* ・ロウロウ

5F Gothic & Classic

* ・Alice Auaa
* ・Excentrique
* ・Jane Marple

6F Punk & Rock

* ・Alice and the Pirates
* ・h.NAOTO
* ・Peace Now
* ・Black Peace Now
* ・Putumayo

7F Lolita

* ・Atelier Boz
* ・Angelic Pretty
* ・Kera Shop Angel
* ・Baby the Stars Shine Bright
* ・Metamorphose

8F Visual Fashion & Music

* ・Kera Shop Arena

Getting to OIOI One

The easiest way to get to the building is to make your way to the Shinjuku Sanchome station. Reach this station from either the Shinjuku line (denoted on Tokyo subway maps as the light green line- not to be confused with the JR Yamanote line) or the Maranouchi line (denoted on the maps as the bright red line). From the station, exit from exit A1- once you come out from the exit, the building should be right in front of you.

You should also be able to get to exit A1 rather easily from Shinjuku station- just follow the signs to A1/OIOI. Alternatively, head for B1, you’ll be directly across the road from OIOI One.

Do you have anything to add for shopping at OIOI One in Shinjuku? Let us know in the comments!

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4 comments on to “Lolita Shopping: OIOI One”

  1. Miss Lumpy says:

    Thank you for this! I’m going to be returning to Japan in March for the first time in almost four years, and I’m working on a list of shops to hit- last time I was always shopping with my host family, so I was embarrassed to make them hit every single shop I could XD; This is definitely going on the list! Thanks ♥

    • Alanna says:

      You’re welcome! I hope you caught the other two previous ones, for Yokohama and Closet Child Shinjuku! The ‘Japan’ tag will get you the previous ones!

      Hope you have fun there… I love Japan!

  2. MammaMoon says:

    Nice post. Just went there yesterday! ^^v
    For once it was nice and quiet coz could
    go during weekday and daytime when it`s not so busy.
    Adding to the list, 6th floor now has Putumayo too ^^v

    • Alanna says:

      You’re right, I completely forgot about Putu! It’s a newly opened store isn’t it? I’ll add that in now, thanks for the reminder!

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