Lolita Shopping: Around Yokohama Station

This entry is the first entry of a series of articles on shopping in Japan for lolita items. Please note that all information in this article is correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change in time.

If you have the time, Yokohama can be a nice day trip down from Tokyo. Only about half an hour away by train from Shibuya, Yokohama can offer an interesting perspective to the Japanese lifestyle, especially if you are used to the busy rush of the Tokyoites.

The area around Yokohama station is a busy district and if you’re a lolita with just an hour or two to get some shopping in, you’re in some luck!

From the station, head towards the river and cross the bridge. You’ll enter a shopping district with many areas for a lolita to shop!

Above map taken from Closet Child


Vivre (the rightmost star on the map) is a massive shopping mall with 9 storeys worth of stores, cafes and other specialty shops. The floor that will interest you is 4F, which has a range of shops which lolitas might know and love. Brand stores and other small accessory stores share a floor with other female fashion brands.

Here’re some stores that you might be interested in:

  • Algonquins
  • Angelic Pretty
  • Alice and the Pirates
  • Baby the Stars Shine Bright
  • Black Peace Now
  • Blue Rogue (classical lolita)
  • Chiara (accessory store similar to Claire’s)
  • Kera Shop Maria
  • Metamorphose
  • Milk
  • Museedeellipse (lolita shoes, Yosuke etc )
  • Putumayo
  • Super Lovers
  • Swimmer

What I like about the stores at Vivre is that they’re very quiet, and the chances of you getting some limited prints is slightly higher. For instance, I was looking for Trump Carnival, one of AP’s newest prints. Laforet Harajuku: red skirt sold out. O1O1 Shinjuku: blue skirt sold out. Vivre Yokohama: all in stock.

After shopping at Vivre, it’s time to hit up Closet Child, just around the corner!

Closet Child Yokohama

Directions to Closet Child Yokohama

Exiting through the back of Vivre, you’ll emerge on a shopping street.

Facing Daiei, you’re just a short walk away from the clothes floors of Closet Child Yokohama. Just behind the store with the green awning (a florist), you’ll find a travel agency, and above the travel agency, what should you find but…

Directions to Closet Child Yokohama

Closet Child. 😀

The female clothes section of Yokohama Closet Child takes up a small one-floor space on the third floor of the building. While I was there I had some luck finding two lovely dresses at excellent prices, but your results (as is with all Closet Childs) may vary. My take on the Yokohama CC is that it’s really small- not worth a trip specifically to see it. The gothic section in particular is almost negligent. However, ladies who are shopping for men may like the second floor, which is dedicated to men’s fashion and worth a look if you have a guy in tow.

Directions to Closet Child Yokohama

Slightly further down the road past Daiei building, you’ll see a Pronto cafe, which has Discwave above it. You’ll need to head around the corner to find the lift. This particular Discwave feels larger than the Ikebukuro branch, and has a rather substantial rack of concert goods. I didn’t hang around here long as I’m really not into the V-kei scene any more.

That’s the end of the mini guide to lolita shopping in Yokohama! Hope this helps anyone who wants to drop by.

All photos taken by Alanna unless otherwise stated.

Do you have any other tips for shopping in Yokohama for lolitas? Let us know in the comments!

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