Angelic Pretty and BtSSB lucky packs

Looks like the Lucky Pack season is here! From previous experience, you can get very lovely items for a very good deal in these lucky packs, or fukubukuros in their native language.

BtSSB/AatP Lucky Packs

The lucky pack page is here, where you can see a sample of the items that go in each pack. Also available are mystery packs. The problem with these is that they seem to be available instore only, so you will have to get a shopping service to buy them for you if you want one.

The samples you can see are in solid colours: your choice of pinkxwhite, brownxcream, blackxblack for the BtSSB part. The mystery packs are in an original print, but it’s a surprise, so you don’t know what the print is going to be!

The original print set for the BtSSB packs seem to be rather good deals. For only ¥29,400, you get:

  • Original print item (JSK or bustier + skirt)
  • Long sleeved blouse in offwhite
  • Lace frill bolero in offwhite
  • Headbow or scrunchie
  • High socks
  • Eco bag
  • Usakumya cellphone strap

There’s also a premium pack available, but we don’t know what’s inside either! All it says is that it will have previously sold out, popular items. 😮

Similarly for the Alice and the Pirates, there are premium sets, but no original prints.

There is however, a Men’s set which is in a kodona style, perhaps not suitable for all body types.

It is however, a pretty good deal going at only ¥17,640, with the following inside:

  • Vest in black
  • Knee long pants in black
  • Guritotteinu (?) blouse in offwhite (Think this is a typo and they mean socks?)
  • Long sleeved, high collar blouse in offwhite
  • Round shaped headdress

If you’re a girl but are enchanted by the Men’s set, not to fear, there’s a female version available. What you want is the Ladie’s Coordinate Set I. Coordinate Set II is a JSK pack.

Angelic Pretty Lucky Packs

If you check out the Angelic Pretty lucky pack page, you’ll see a sample of the items that can go in each pack. They come in pink, black and lavender.

For lolitas in cold countries- the Premium Pack seems to be a a really good deal since you get oodles of items!
For only ¥52,500, you’ll get the following items in your pack:

  • Headbow
  • Coat with a cape
  • Blouse with removable sleeves
  • JSK
  • Panier
  • Fur Muffler
  • Socks
  • Eco tote bag
  • Boston bag

Otherwise, I think the romper set is also pretty adorable. The print seems to be called Lyrical Party? It’s really great for Pop-Kei! For this set, it comes with the following items for only ¥10,500:

  • Barette
  • T-Shirt
  • Salopette (Romper)
  • Socks
  • Heart Pochette

I think I’ll pass on the fukubukuros this time around- I spent way too much while I was in Japan already. 🙁 Too bad I missed lucky pack season, would have been fun to squeeze with the crowds on New Year’s or Christmas!

Fri, December 24 2010 »

2 comments on to “Angelic Pretty and BtSSB lucky packs”

  1. Aleksandra says:

    I love the AP romper set is soo cute! I’ve never bought anything brand name, but lucky packs aaaalways call me… Maybe I’ll take the plunge with Christmas money 😀

    • Alanna says:

      I think lucky packs are a great way to start! 😮 It’s because they are sooo value for money. The romper set is adorable! I’m actually pretty tempted myself. 🙁

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