Magazine review: Gothic and Lolita ensemble

I was in the stores over the week looking for interesting magazines to pick up when I saw the Gothic and Lolita Ensemble magazine on the shelves. I’d read about it on the EGL LJ community, so I picked it up, and I noticed that it said in the corner that it’s actually the sister publication of my favourite Alice Deco a la Mode. So, I decided to buy it just for a review.

Short summary: This mook is not much different from Gothic and Lolita Bible (GLB), and if you already buy GLB on a regular basis, there is no need to buy this.

アンサンブル Longer review: Contents-wise, there are a lot of brand features at the front and rather lovely photo spreads. There are some artiste interviews with Exo-Chika and Hakuei. There’s a makeup how-to section. There’s a section at the back with Aoki Misako travelling around Japan to picturesque spots and lolita-friendly cafes. They even have a Mana spread. There are street snaps, and a DIY section complete with patterns. If it sounds like like I’m describing GLB, it’s because I feel like I’m reading GLB anyway.

I don’t buy GLB on a regular basis, so I’m not really complaining, but I really wonder if this magazine is necessary if it just fills the same (very small) niche that GLB already does. Aesthetically, the insides look very similar to GLB as well, so it’s not a very different magazine the way Alice Deco is.

The saving grace of this issue is the pull-out special on the history of Gothic and Lolita brands. It actually has very indepth interviews with the designers or owners of our favourite brands and tracks their progress from their beginnings till now.

– Kokusyoku Sumire x GLE collaboration chandelier skirts
– Triple Fortune chiffon cape and ribbon hair tie
– Angelic Pretty colourful Rose Garden barette
– Chocochip Cookie sweet mini apron
– MAM Maxicimam ribbon katsusha and wristcuffs

Rating (out of 5 macarons)
If you can read Japanese:
If you can’t, and already buy GLB:

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3 comments on to “Magazine review: Gothic and Lolita ensemble”

  1. Littlekobaby says:

    Aww! this makes me sad. I was hoping for a more original magazine to flip through. Thanks for the review!
    .-= Littlekobaby´s last blog ..Sweet Spring Fashion Part 2 – Lolita Trends and Tips =-.

  2. Caro-chan says:

    I was pretty disappointed with this magazine as well. The fashion spreads were all kind of boring to me, it wasn’t really different from a GLB at all 😛 l do enjoy the GLB Extras and even the brand book which are pretty much just pictures of clothes and no fashion spreads, but this one, eeh, it was kind of pointless.

  3. Sparklewolfie says:

    Aw! Though I don’t get the GLB so I think this magazine would be better to me, it is sad that it is not different at all! It sounded like it would be very special when I first heard of it ^^;

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