Metamorphose Autumn Lucky Pack!

Well, I caved in some time back and bought the Autumn Lucky Pack from Metamorphose, and the packs were delivered today!

Shu and I were both hoping for certain things from the pack; I wanted Citron Soda in either mint or black, and Shu wanted the Raschel Lace dress in either white or black! We were joking that we were sure to get jinxed by the Pink Curse, but NO! This was not so! My items… (All pictures clickable for larger…)

Meta Autumn Lucky Pack Meta Autumn Lucky Pack

Meta Autumn Lucky Pack Meta Autumn Lucky Pack

Huhuhu! Citron Soda in black! The sundress version instead of the high-waisted version! I’m so pleased that I didn’t get the high-waisted one, I basically look really strange in Meta’s high-waisted stuff. (I tried their Popping Balloon some time ago.)

Instead of the black cutsew, I originally received this cream bolero in my pack, but after some discussion with Shu, I decided to exchange my bolero for her cutsew! Mostly because she wouldn’t wear the cutsew, and I wouldn’t wear the bolero, but we would vice versa. Haha! I’m also really happy with the cute round bag. I was expecting a solid colour, but mighty chuffed to get the polka dots.

Overall, I’m really happy, except that I don’t think I would really wear the mini top hat… Prolly will go into the sell/trade pile. Yayyyy Citron Soda!

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10 comments on to “Metamorphose Autumn Lucky Pack!”

  1. Ana says:

    You were lucky!
    I think you received one of the best lucky packs I saw! 😀 nice!

  2. How lovely! Congratulations on getting the colors you wanted. That was lucky indeed!

  3. Melissa Loh says:

    Yay for awesome LP karma! Pity it didn’t translate to your Sam Tha LP.

  4. Kieli Heart says:

    Wow, what a great pack you guys got! Do these things ever go on sale? I know they’re kind of expensive even though they’re a lot cheaper than the original prices of the items inside. xD

    ~ Kieli ~

    • Alanna says:

      Hello, and thanks for your comment!
      I’m afraid I don’t really get your question – are you asking if the entire lucky pack goes on a discounted price? The lucky pack itself is already on a highly discounted price from the get-go, if you see the page, I paid only 15k yen (about 200USD) for a pack that was worth 50k yen (about 600USD).

      So all in all, these packs are really value for money, especially for brands like Meta or Innocent World.

  5. Bunny says:

    Nifty! i really love the sods pop prints. Probably because I’m addicted to soda. XD
    Am I the only one who would love to see some hot drinks on a print though? I’ve never seen anything with some cute fall/winter hot cocoa or cider. With marshmallows and cookies sprinkled about!

    I suppose tea parties are common on dresses, but I think a hot cocoa/cider winter print would be super cute!

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