New releases!

Baby released a whole bunch of new prints over the past week while I wasn’t looking! (Happy Lunar New Year to all who celebrate it!)

First off we have Mary’s Sweet Sheep, a rather pretty and sweet print in the style of some of their more recent, all over type prints such as Heart Marble and Pony in Sweet Dream. Comes in the usual white, black, pink… and mint. I’m surprised they’re not really doing sax blue anymore and concentrating more on mint instead. The JSK with small sleeves (the one that I’ve pictured here) is rather cute, but I was never really a fan of these all over prints so I think I’ll pass on this one.


Next we have the Baby Cafe Gelato with a matching headbow. Looks very candy cute and waitress, which I suppose is the idea. The tulle lace and stripes are a really sweet match! My favourite colourway is the pinkxwhite one, but I think I would never get this due to the side apron things.

Personally I’m not too keen on the waitress/maido look in lolita, but I know that there are big fans, and this is probably right up their alley.


Also in the Baby Cafe range is the Baby Cafe Candy JSK with matching headbow. I’m very very weak to polkadots (especially in red and white) but this looks suspiciously like one of the Angelic Pretty releases that I have. In fact the similarity is quite astounding! But the print is interesting, I like that they have the Baby logo heart as part of the print instead of just plain polka dots like my AP one. My favourite colourway, needless to say is the redxwhite version.


And the last for now in the Baby Cafe series- Baby Cafe Doll JSK which also reminds me a lot of an Angelic Pretty release. I was never a big fan of mixing dots and stripes and to be honest this JSK just reinforces that dislike. I can’t quite recall the name of the AP release right now, but I need to see it now to compare the similarities… like an impending train-wreck that you can’t tear your eyes away from.


The last new release for now seems to be more in the AatP style, and is called Alice’s Pearl Portrait. Print-wise it looks like a rehash of the Victorian Card print, but what really gets me for this print is that the stripes all have trump prints interlaced in them! And it’s an Alice print! And it comes in… yellow?! *drools* It also comes in red, black, pink and sax which looks more like mint in the stock photos. I’m actually quite extremely keen on this one.


Anybody planning to get any of these exciting new releases?

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5 comments on to “New releases!”

  1. Caro-chan says:

    Alice’s Portrait is beautiful! I really love the print, and the style of the dress. It’s just too cute. The Baby Cafe Candy JSK is super cute too, I’m not normally a polka dot fan but the bow and the cut are just adorable.

  2. Alanna says:

    Caro-chan>> The polkadots! Omgah, I’m soooo weak to polkadots!

  3. […] the Stars Shine Bright It seems like Alice Portrait has hit the stores, together with Baby Cafe. I’m rather in love with the Baby Cafe blouse! […]

  4. […] (Well, I can’t…) I also dropped by Black Alice and put the red ribbon JSK version of Alice Pearl Portrait on reserve! I’m quite enthralled by it; the red is superb (before mint, my pet colour was […]

  5. sara says:

    i have baby cafe candy! it is really stunning.
    it looks so much like yours! 🙂

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