On a more personal note…

I haven’t had the chance to post personal posts in MH recently, as I just started a new desk job and it’s been quite tiring getting used to the working schedule again. But I have some free time tonight, so this is as good a time as any for a personal post!

1. I’ve been on a Sax Blue phase recently (not that I don’t like mint anymore, alright!) and have been buying blue things left right center. I recently made some lolita-related purchases in blue, I’ll be sure to post when I get the items!

(I think it’s because of the upcoming Alice in Wonderland that’s got me really excited about blue…)

The one blue item that I’ve coveted for the longest time: Angelic Pretty’s Wonder Party halterneck JSK. I have been dreaming about this for at least a year and a half. But you know, it seems to be so rare that I had to take 20 minutes to even find a picture of specifically the blue halterneck JSK.

2. I forgot to mention when it first happened. I was very touched when my boyfriend surprised me with a very big gift on our fifth anniversary. I had been talking about Angelic Pretty’s Star Night Theatre in pink for a while (even though I didn’t like it at first) and picking up on that, he sneakily went around to get Michelle’s and Steph’s help on identification of the right print, and then he contacted Tim to bring it in.

The four of them managed to keep it a secret from me for about two months, until the day of the anniversary when my boyfriend presented me with a giant package with the Star Night Theatre JSK and headbow. To think that I said I wouldn’t be wearing pink for a while…! My boyfriend, while supportive of me wearing lolita, has never bought me anything lolita-related before in our five years, so it was a lovely surprise.

I also want to thank Shu and Steph who got me the Circus socks in pink to match the JSK… It was funny when they gave the present to me. At that point, I hadn’t received my JSK yet, so when I opened the present, I looked at it quizzically and went said, “Thanks guys, but uh, pink?” Shu gave me a cryptic, “I’m sure you’ll find a use for it later.” Haha!

3. One thing that was bothering me about MH was the lack of content. It’s not easy to constantly come up with new ideas and content for any kind of blog, much less a blog about a fashion as niche as lolita.

But for now I’ll be trying to keep up with content with two weekly series- the first being the Weekly Roundup, which is essentially a weekly summary of the new posts of the lolita store blogs that I visit. This will be (and has been!) published every Saturday evening, Singapore time.

Starting new this week will be the Wednesday List, a more thematic series, which will be published every Wednesday evening, Singapore time. I think the name for this is quite self-explanatory, essentially every Wednesday, a short list of items will go up on MH! Issues will vary, you’ll see what I mean when it starts tomorrow. 🙂

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2 comments on to “On a more personal note…”

  1. elisia says:

    I like the headbow for Wonder Party coz of the little fork and spoon at the ends of it. Though that’s not enough for me to actually want the piece.

    You’re lucky. I don’t think my bf will ever get me a lolita outfit. It’s not that he doesn’t support my hobby, but he probably thinks it’s too expensive and I can live without it. True in a way too.

    Speaking of Alice in Wonderland. I very much wanted to get the this OP from MAM Maxicimam, but it’s sold out. Guess I took too long to consider getting it. T_T

  2. Alanna says:

    Haha! I think Angelic Pretty headbows are really cute too. A lot of adorable details going on even in their accessories.

    Yes, previously he would never buy me lolita-related items because of exactly what your bf thinks! But I guess… something changed his mind? Haha!

    Aw I know what you mean about thinking too long about something you want to buy. Maybe it’ll come up in the second handmarket?

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