Outfit post: 20 March 2010

I’ve been really busy over the past few days, so the Wednesday List is taking a break this week! But I do have some time for a quick update on my lolita life, so here we go!

I think the first thing that a lot of people will be curious to know is what happened with my students and the museum. Thank you everyone for all your great comments, feedback and advice. It was really heartening to see what everyone thought, and it was good to hear from both students and professionals about being seen in public by your colleagues/peers/students in lolita!

In the end, what happened was that I didn’t go to the museum due to some unforeseen circumstances at home. 🙁 I also heard from my students that they weren’t going to watch the movie, so I did manage to go to the Cathay to watch AiW with all the other lolitas in my full lolita glory! I did duck into Black Alice for most of it though, just in case the students decided to change their mind and come over anyway.

So I suppose the question is, what would I have worn, were I with my students? I had a good think about it, and decided that the best way to do it would have been what most commenters suggested: something simpler with a cute cardigan. I even had my outfit all planned out… (was going to go in my new polka dotted Meta skirt) until everything happened and I decided that I’d just go seriously over the top because I had planned to before I found out about my students.

So here’s what I wore! (Excuse the utterly crap expression I have on my face… I am so not photogenic.)

Photo by Shu.
Outfit Breakdown: JSK, blouse, socks by Angelic Pretty
Hat by One Day in Paradise (Marie)
Boots by Secret Shop
Location: Black Alice, The Cathay, Singapore

Taking a leaf from my previous post on jazzing up outfit sets, I went with Star Night Theatre and pink x black. To match the Alice theme, I brought along my top hat to be a very pink Mad Hatter. I could probably have done with some more wrist accessories, think my arms are just a bit too bare! What do you guys think of my coordi? 😀

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5 comments on to “Outfit post: 20 March 2010”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow~ I really don’t like SNT, but your coordinate makes it look adorable! I love the boots/socks/tights(?) combo!

  2. Alizbeta says:

    The pink/black coordination is gorgeous;)

  3. Littlekobaby says:

    Looks cute! I also love your Meta skirt, the color and print are adorable, and so different from the polka-dot skirts you normally see.
    .-= Littlekobaby´s last blog ..Lolita and the Substyle, Why Choose? =-.

  4. Sparklewolfie says:

    Nice! I love pink X black *u* You made it look so awesome! Not a typical Starry Night Theater coord, but very pretty 😀

  5. Alanna says:

    @Rebecca: Thank you! Yes, it’s boots/tights/socks! It may be more fun with more colours. 😮

    @Alizbeta: Thank you! I think it’s more fun to mix colours up on printed JSKs.

    @Littlekobaby: Yes, I adore my Meta skirt too, I think it’s so retro cute!

    Sparklewolfie: Thank you! Yes the idea is to be unique! There are quite a few SNTs in Singapore, so I wanted to try something slightly different. 😀

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