Daily Coordi: 20 August 2011

Jacket: Atelier Boz
Blouse: Fanplusfriend
Skirt + Kachyusha: Angelic Pretty Trump Carnival
Boots: Secret Shop

STGCC Day 1 Was out at the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention recently, and decided to go in rori! Twinned my Trump Carnival with Ivory, and as is usual, we decided on our outfit only that very morning, haha. My smart, lovely jacket is from Atelier Boz. I rarely wear it, but whenever I do I feel really happy.

PS: Note that Ivory has to stand on the ledge to be of about the same height as me, tee hee!

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Pre-ordered Meta’s Masquerade Lady

Metamorphose Masquerade Lady As the title says, haha! I’ve just pre-ordered Metamorphose’s Masquerade Lady OP in the wine colour. I also ordered the matching socks! I fell in love with the sample product pictures, and it was kinda “I really need this” dress and print.

My most recent purchases have been straying from my usual sweet/deco self, now that I think about it! Maybe I’m realising that I’m getting a bit too old to be too OTT sweet, haha.

I’m still trying to be all a la mode about my lolita stuff though, maybe to not a lot of success. I would really REALLY like more time to indulge in my loli.

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Mini outfit dump-

Two outfits for July! I know it’s been so long since I’ve been posting… I don’t even know why I feel so tired when I get home after work these days. I can’t even get my fire up for blogging! 🙁 Anyway, here are two outfits I wore recently.

Went out for lunch with my family. I don’t usually wear loli out with my family, but I hadn’t worn loli for a while and I was really missing it! Tried to tone it down, because my extended family had never seen me in loli before.

Skirt – Metamorphose Temps de Fille Strawberry Cream
Bag – Bodyline
Blouse and Cardigan – Cotton On
Accessories – Offbrand

Out with my Sparkly girls for some High Tea at a lovely, out of the way little cafe. Tired of my tired-looking hair, so I’m wearing a gorgeous, two-toned wig that I got from Korea. Excuse the bathroom shot, I had to run out of the house without taking a coordi shot, so I resorted to the full length mirror in the huge bathroom at the cafe! Love the gorgeous, GORGEOUS JSK, I am so happy I got it. The little mint frills and the purplexmint combi is all just soooo cute!

JSK – Angelic Pretty Macaron Riders JSK
Accessories – Paradise Rose, Angelic Pretty and offbrand
Pastel uggies – Swimmer

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Misc Got Loli!

Wah! I haven’t posted in a while! 🙁 The last two weeks I was buried in a swamp of work, and I completed my scheduled posts! I didn’t even have time to do weekly roundup… sob.

In any case, some small loli items arrived for me over the past month, including-

Hand-painted Dreaming Macaron shoes by Lunie!

Fluffy stars and cute jewellery from Paradise Rose.

Adorable laser cut kawaii necklaces from Kuma Crafts.

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Got Loli! – Innocent World Lucky Pack A Summer 2011

Just got my lucky pack A (the 52k yen one) from Innocent World in the mail! A couple of hits and misses, but overall I’m quite pleased with the pack. I apologise in advance for some bad lighting, the sun was setting and I was in my room. All pictures are clickable and will bring you to my flickr.

Bolero The bolero that everyone got in various colours. I’m fine with black and white, it’s good for work too.

Pompadour JSK (Short) Pompadour JSK. Definitely one of the hits in the pack. I was really lucky and I got it in the short version. I would have preferred it in the green colour, but I’m happy with this colour as well.

Short-sleeved Jabot blouse A cream blouse with jabot. The blouse is absolutely gorgeous!

Selene Blouse Selene blouse in pink. It’s alright, it’s rather translucent, so I will have to wear something underneath. But overall it’s good for summer and work too. It’s a little plain and severe, but should be easily dressed up with a necklace of some sort.

Aphrodite JSK Aphrodite JSK in black and pink. It’s hard to tell, but the little “dots” are actually pale pink hearts. It’s a great summer weight, and I love this dress to bits. Steph thinks that it’s just “not me”, but I think I can wear this to work pretty easily! I’ll have to slowly work my way up to wearing girly stuff like this… haha!

Flora JSK (long) I tore into my lucky pack looking for the Flora JSK because it’s one of my “regrets” – I really really regretted not buying it when it was available! I was so chuffed to get the blue, which is my first choice colour, but I am disappointed that I got the long cut. It’s bigger, and it doesn’t really fit me around my chest. The material is gorgeous though, very soft and silky. I am ready to alter this if I can’t get it in the short length via trades… haha.

Aliese Skirt Aliese Skirt in black. This is probably going into the trade/sale pile. A bit too sombre for me. Very well-made, and more of a fall/winter weight, but generally classic style all black is not really my thing.

Maurice Pants The interesting Maurice pants. I think this COULD be wearable somehow… we’ll see.

Socks and Hat The accessories. I saw the socks and was pleased, I love the “ballet shoe” concept, but the hat… hahaha. I honestly don’t know. It’s just SO STRANGE. Have a look at the detail here.

Did you buy the lucky pack? Let me know if you want to trade for anything!

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30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

  1. Spicy buffalo sauce
    I have actually never encountered this lovely, vinegary sauce until my most recent visit to the States. The vinegar base with the kick of spice is exactly the kind of thing I like in a sauce/dip. I have no idea why the McDonalds’ in Singapore hasn’t brought in this sauce yet.

  2. Coke Light/Diet Coke
    I used to laugh at people who drank Diet, but after a sip I realised that this was indeed the taste I was looking for. I prefer Diet not because of the low calorie count (what, I don’t even count calories) but because it’s not as sweet as regular Coke. I do however, drink Vanilla Coke.

  3. McNuggets
    I love McNuggets. Perfect for a snack, but good enough as a meal in greater numbers. Paired with the spicy buffalo sauce, I could eat about 50 of these.

  4. Chocolate brownies
    You know how people say they have a separate “dessert stomach”? When faced with a well-baked chocolate brownie, I could probably have 25 separate dessert stomachs no matter how much I’ve been eating before hand. I can deal with box-mixes, but they have to be moist and full of chocolatey goodness.

  5. Macarons
    One of my pet peeves is people misspelling “macaron” as “macaroon” and vice versa. It has nothing to do with being “French”, the macaroon is an entirely different cookie altogether.

    If only the macaron was not so expensive! I would eat about five every day and savour them well. My favourite part about the macaron is the lovely crispy outershell which then melts into a chewy bite in my mouth.

    I unfortunately do not have the good fortune of having tasted Pierre Hermé or Ladurée macarons, but my favourite local brand is Canelé.

  6. Eggs Benedict/Florentine/Royale
    Eggs Benedict is my favourite brunch meal ever. I occasionally pick Florentine or Royale (spinach or salmon) variants if I’m feeling healthy, but those lovely poached eggs on English Muffins always make my day.

    My favourite part of the meal is sopping up the broken egg yolk with my muffin!

  7. Steak, medium rare
    I love steak, and usually request for medium rare. Sauce-wise, I prefer it on the side rather than over my meat so that I can taste my meat too.

    Dunkin' Donuts Strawberry Coffee

  8. Coffee
    I really really love coffee. Generally I have to drink one coffee every morning before my day begins. I usually pass on the chain store coffees like Starbucks because I believe they’re coffee-flavoured sugary drinks – I take my coffee with milk, no sugar.

    Occasionally though, I do sometimes succumb to the chain stores because I want some sweet coffee. When encountering with really nasty tasting coffee, (like maybe when I hit the grounds of the coffee maker) I end up dumping a boatload of sugar in my cup to make it palatable anyway.

  9. Thai green curry
    I prefer green curry over red curry because of the layers of taste that I can get with a green. Not that it’s any less spicy, but there’s a certain sweetness and fragrance about green curry which I adore.

  10. Guacamole
    My friends say I make better guacamole than the local Mexican restaurants. :kitty: I generally can’t stand eating avocado by itself, but I love it when I mix and mash it up with all sorts of different things. I also enjoy having avocado milkshakes!

The 30-day lolita challenge was created by the Random Lolita!

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Dunkin’ Donuts Strawberry Coffee

Dunkin' Donuts Strawberry Coffee I lovelovelove coffee. (This will tie in with a later Lolita 30-day challenge post!) So when I was walking through the coffee aisle in a US Target, I was really excited to see Dunkin’ Donuts’ summer limited coffee flavours!

I picked up the strawberry one just to sniff, and was amazed by the gorgeous strawberry scent! That totally sold me and so I picked up a pack happily.

Today, I tried it out for the first time and I must say that the smell is wonderful. The scent when I open the bag is just heavenly, and as the coffee grounds steeped in the water, it felt like I was in a strawberry garden. The coffee has a natural sweetness to it that is nearly more like tea than coffee! I’m not too sure how I like it for now, because the strawberry scent is overpowering the coffee! I didn’t have milk today, so I couldn’t try it with milk, but I will get some and try it again tomorrow.

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Weekly Roundup: Week of 19 June

It’s time for some weekly roundup!

Angelic Pretty

Toy Fantasy has been released together with a whole bunch of different accessories featuring the Toy Fantasy motif! There are some interesting pieces like clutches and that cuuuute rabbit bag! I also love this short-sleeved parka, Pop Bear!

Atelier Pierrot

Some gorgeous Triple Fortune headdress went into the Harajuku Atelier Pierrot store! There’s also a wonderful knit bolero available, check out the very different coordis with the bolero! Here’s an interesting blouse with giant bell sleeves! I may not wear it in brown, but perhaps in black or white? 😮

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Summer sales at Baby! Seems like things are going at 30-50% off!

Some interesting news for summer! They are releasing their very popular Early Summer and Chocolat and Strawberry Parfait print! This is a print last released in 2005. The 2011 release will include the new colour brown, and cease production of the sax colour.


Summer sales are going on at Excentrique, and there’s a lucky pack too!


More summer sales at Flasco!


Summer sales are going on at h.Naoto!

Innocent World

Here are some ADORABLE black and white coordis!

Mary Magdalene

MM has announced the results of their reproduction survey! Also, a new colour for one of the reproduction dresses, Jeanne Tropez OP is now available for reservation.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Meta sales are going on at their online store! Go grab stuff if you haven’t already!

Meta’s gorgeous new print Fairytale is now in stores! More coordis of this print available here.

Angel Garden in black is very lovely here! The lavender Floral Side Frill is very lovely too.

Nile Perch

Sales are ongoing at Nile Perch Harajuku!

Victorian Maiden

The new Regimental stripe comes in various cuts and designs, very lovely!

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Back in Singapore – Got loli!

I’m back in Singapore! And the first thing I saw when I came back was a whole bunch of packages on my bed!

Got a package from Nicole, with my Sugar Pansy wristcuffs in yellow and…

Dream Sky Dream Sky JSK in sax! XD :sparkle: With the Star Shower socks! XD XD I’ll have fun coordinating this!

I’m also looking for the Star Shower socks in lavender, so if you are selling it, please consider me!

I also got a package from Japonica Market, an excellent Japanese auction site bidding service. Highly recommend!

I had bid on a couple of things, but ultimately only scored two items –

Metamorphose Apple JSK with collar The first is the delicious Apple JSK with collar from Meta! I got it in the black colourway.

I actually didn’t realise that this was corduroy until I received it, but I love the quality! It also comes with a cute belt with an apple buckle. The collar is removable, so I can remove the boat neck for a change in coordi. Delicious!

Trick Girl Set Trick Girl hat!

I also got the Trick Girl set from Angelic Pretty in brown and mint! The collar is detachable, which is why it looks like it sits wonky. This is velveteen material, so it’s rather thick.

If I’m not wrong, this was released Halloween 2010, hence the little witch hat. I know! This seems like it contradicts what I said about seasonal prints, but this isn’t a print! And I can wear the JSK without the hat! 😉 But! This JSK seems like it’s MASSIVE. I don’t know if I will fit into it properly.

Andddd with new loli coming in, it means that some must go out to make room for these new items. And as such, a selling post here on EGL. Cheers!

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30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 – 10 things you hate dislike in lolita.

  1. Toy prints
    I will never be able to appreciate toy/kiddy-style prints. We’re already wearing fashion that leaves us open to a lot of ridicule for being child-like, why add to it with prints and bonnets that make us look even more like children?

    As much as I love Angelic Pretty, I’ll be the first to admit that AP is the worst perpetrator of this style of prints.

  2. Poodle prints
    It’s something about the poodle itself that I don’t like, seen in a couple of brands like Emily Temple Cute, Baby, AP, Meta and IW. *irrational dislike* I also had some problems dealing with prints like Cherry Berry Bunny and Little Lady, but I can’t say that animals are what gets my goat (oh pun, pun!) because I do like the woodland animal-style prints that we see on IW and Meta. Like I said, this dislike is pretty irrational. 😳

  3. Seasonal prints
    I would never buy any because I don’t see another occasion to wear them other than that particular festival! I’m referring to prints like Twinkle Ornament, Happy Garden and Halloween Alice, which are only meant for a certain occasion!

  4. Cost
    🙁 I guess I don’t need to say much about this. I really am heartbroken that lolita brand pieces can cost so much. My value of money has really dropped after getting into loli!

  5. Scalpers
    I really don’t like scalpers! Yes, I understand rare prints can cost more on the secondhand market, but please don’t buy something and then resell it for triple the price after to make a killing. I see this very often for Moitie and AP prints!

  6. Impracticality
    I’m sad that I can’t wear lolita everyday, or even just very often. Sometimes it’s the weather, sometimes it’s because we don’t have time, most often it’s because people here are not used to girls dressing up and think that we’re some sort of freaks when we go out.

    Raschel Lace

  7. When things get too frilly
    Lolita is about frills, but keep it tasteful please! Some AP and Meta pieces send me running, and one brand that always makes me go AUGH! is Marble! Marble has gotten much better recently though, I must say.

  8. Print replicas
    I don’t want to start a debate here, and yes, I know all the arguments for having replicas (custom sizes, more easily accessible, cheaper, etc) but I think I will never buy a brand print replica, no matter how lovely or close to the original it looks. Once again, to each their own!

  9. Cosplay in lolita
    I don’t know how to title this. I don’t really mean anime tie-ups, because sometimes that can be good for both the anime and the brand. (Innocent World x Gosick and BPN x Kuroshitsuji come to mind). But occasionally, there are collabs that result in something that is totally out of the lolita silhouette. Such as Meta’s Macross Frontier collaboration and the Vocaloid collection. It boggles the mind!

  10. People who have to pass comments AT me when I’m in loli
    Okay, I know it’s inevitable that people will stare. I know that people will comment on what I’m wearing to the friends they’re with. I’m almost immune to all of that, and I’m not going to deny that lolita is a very attention-grabbing fashion. But, I really get infuriated when immature teens gang up on me to shout idiotic and moronic comments like “HELLO PRINCESS” or “WHERE ARE YOU GOING, ALICE?” in that very annoying manner. Like seriously, I don’t laugh at you for wearing shorts and slippers downtown, or wearing your hat only halfway on your head, so you shut up and turn the **** around. (Excuse my French, @#&$*$!! 😳 )

Eeeeeeee, sorry for the ranty stuff, especially for the last one! XD

The 30-day lolita challenge was created by the Random Lolita!

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