30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita


  1. My new obsession is DEER prints!
    But I haven’t been able to obtain anything in a deer print just yet… 😳 I am on the hunt for Innocent World’s Lotta skirt! If you have any leads on where to get this, please let me know!

  2. My ongoing obsession is with sweets prints!
    I love prints with cakes, macarons, tarts, sundaes, cookies, etc. Hence, my love for the Dreaming Macaron print!

    Scrump backpack

  3. Cute, shaped bags!
    I’m currently into plushie bags, but I also like the shaped bags that Angelic Pretty sometimes comes up with. However, I’m sometimes quite leery of buying them because I don’t like how the zip works on each bag sometimes. For now, I own a sheep and a Scrump (from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch) bag!

  4. Fairy colourways
    My favourite colour swings around, but I adore fairy-kei pastel colourways which always make a show in BTSSB or AP! So colours like lavender, pink, mint, baby blue, etc.

  5. Super sweet coordinates
    I love it when I see pictures of AP clones, or pretty loli-chans in almost OTT sweet coordis! I DO draw a line somewhere, so tasteful OTT please, hahaha! *is not making sense!*


  6. Interesting JSK/OP cuts!
    I think it’s fun looking at how lolita brands can reinvent the traditional lolita skirt, JSK or OP. One of the latest releases that caught my eye is Baby’s Night Fairy Fantasia JSK I, which looks a little strange in stock photos, but absolutely gorgeous when worn.

  7. Seeing interesting coordis!
    One of the things about lolita is that there are a lot of “rules” around the fashion. The rules are what sets the tone of the fashion, but it’s fun to break the rules sometimes and have fun and experiment with lolita pieces. I lurk around on the Daily A La Mode Livejournal comm, and it’s great to see everyone’s cute coordis with loli pieces. I also look at Alice Deco a la Mode for inspiration, but that mook sadly seems to be discontinued.

    Dream Sky tulle lace

  8. Lace!
    My favourite lace is tulle lace because it’s so soft and pretty! AP lace is the best, because they make custom tulle lace with the most adorable motifs. That’s Dream Sky lace in navy to the left – you can see AP’s logo and little stars surrounding it.

  9. Headwear
    After getting into the fashion, I HAVE TO WEAR THINGS ON MY HEAD WHENEVER I GO OUT. (Except when I’m at work.) 😯 No matter what I’m wearing. I love all sorts of headwear with my loli coordis – hats, barettes, hairbands, head-eating bows, usamimi, etc. I think headwear really make or break the outfit!

  10. Box pleats
    Ahhhh! I love box pleats now. I blame Meta for this love, because of all the lovely box pleated stuff they release! *strange obsession* I think box pleats are really classy compared to gathers! (Not that I won’t wear gathers, I still will!)

The 30-day lolita challenge was created by the Random Lolita!

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Weekly Roundup: Week of 12 June

It’s time for some weekly roundup!

Angelic Pretty

A lot of basics like blouses, but also the Creamy Scallop series.

Previews of a new print “Chess Chocolate” are now available. Mint and Pink here, and Brown and Ivory here. Due to be released in late July! Scans have been posted on Angelic Poodle.

Atelier Pierrot

Their mini corset skirts now come in a bunch of different jewel tones! Love their Indigo Blue and Strawberry Red colours.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Baby’s Miranda has been rereleased, and there’s also a costume/suit like outfit called the Toy’s March Combination. There’s also an interesting maxi dress whose name I can’t make out… Flower Garlet Scarlet Long Dress? XD

An announcement has also been made about a new print to go on reserve on 23rd June 4pm Japan time, Unico in Bloomland. You can have a look at the print for yourself on Baby’s reserve page! I’m kinda disappointed that the unicorns aren’t bigger and the colours are too similar to previous releases to catch my eye. Oh well! The baby unicorns are quite cute anyway.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Melty Mermaid is also up for reservation.

Innocent World

Here’s a new piece, the Angel Tiered One Piece.

Mary Magdalene

MM has a survey up for the A/W 2011 season! Generally, loli-chans can vote for the piece they wish most to be reproduced, and MM will then rerelease those designs, perhaps with a bit of change to the fabric/lace etc. This will only be up till 22nd June, so if you’re an MM fan and missed on some of their past designs, be sure to check out the survey fast!

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Some coordis on the site, starring their Chiffon Ribbon Tiered JSK and Chiffon Frill Flower JSK.

New prints Vintage Record and Angel Garden are also now available!

A new print is going to be released soon – Fairytale! You can see the samples and designs here on the Meta website.


Putu has a cute coordi up here, with the purple, pink and mini top hat. Some cute cutsews also available here.

Victorian Maiden

A new floral print – the Forest Rose Tulle Skirt. What a lovely name!
Newly available for reservation: The Regimental Stripe series.

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30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 1

I’ve decided that I will start the 30 Day Lolita Challenge! I’ll probably go at it in different orders and not everyday too, but here’s day 1 to start!

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble

  1. Loving lolita since 2002
    My first exposure to lolita probably came through manga and Kera. If you ask me now what the manga was, I couldn’t say, but it was prolly something like Kaori Yuki or Yazawa Ai. I started off wearing some hodgepodge of the fashion until about 2005 or so when I started being able to afford brand because I started saving and saving. My first brand piece was Baby’s Crown Gobelin in pink (I still have it!). I started out as more classic but have since moved on to my candy explosion sweet lolita.

  2. Meta Popping Balloon I am predominantly a sweet/deco lolita!
    I am definitely a candy-explosion kinda lolita! Generally I do a lot of either pastels or brights, but I actually prefer not to wear pink as my main colour. That said, I have a pink blouse that I coordi to death with a lot of my other items.

  3. As such, my favourite brand (for now!) is Angelic Pretty.
    A significant part of my wardrobe is Angelic Pretty as I really enjoy most of their prints and colourways. I’ve also recently been moving towards Meta because of their prints and attention to details.

  4. But for some reason, my friends think that I am totally suited for ero-loli.
    Or maybe they just think it’s hilarious that I’m always thrown into ero-loli at every possible occasion/shoot… That said, I do love corsets and I must have like three in my wardrobe that I have yet to wear, including an Excentrique and a Kikirara Shoten one.

    Anyway, here’s me at a “Fairytale Villain” shoot with my pals. I’m the Wolf here.

  5. I believe in wigs
    A lot of people hate wigs, but seriously, I think they’re awesome. When I had long curled hair previously, it was really easy for me to do an updo of some sort to match my loli. But now that I have short, rather unmanageable hair, wigs (natural colours or otherwise) are really useful. Of course, these wigs better be well-made and quality!

    I own a few in a range of different colours and lengths, but tend to wear the unnatural colours to cons only.

  6. Loli has affected other parts of my life
    I think when you have a hobby that you love so much, it’s inevitable that it will affect other parts of your life, like buying habits or even what you wear outside of the fashion. After discovering lolita, I’ve become more aware of makeup, more in love with Japanese culture, more girly and feminine in general. I still do traditionally unfeminine things like play computer games and listen to death metal, but I won’t deny that lolita is a very large part of my lifestyle.

    Alice in Wonderland!

  7. My closest friends in real life also happens to be my lolita circle
    We’re actually a really mixed bunch, coming from all sorts of different backgrounds- but one thing we have in common is that we all really love lolita in its various forms. We aren’t even around the same age, so we can’t use that as a binding factor. We call ourselves the “Sparkly Bits”, not because it’s some cutesy ~*sparkly*~ name… The name originated because we were giggling over some manga at a totally lolita un-related gathering, and how all the *ahem* vital parts of the lead characters were covered by “sparkly bits”. In any case, I really love every one of them and we have shared a large part of our lives.
    Photo from left: Me, Shu, Steph, Ivory, Jasmine, Teresa (Missing: Feli, Celeste, Mel, Elsie)

  8. AatP Sneakers SHOES SHOES SHOES
    I love shoes so much! I don’t really believe in buying brand shoes because I think that there are lovely coordis to be had with offbrand shoes too, but I’m a big fan of sneakers and the star of my shoe cupboard is this lovely beauty – Alice and the Pirates sneakers in the “This is my Blood” print. That said, I wear a lot of heels with my loli, to the chagrin of my shorter friends.

  9. My family has already gotten used to me in lolita
    And are pretty blasΓ© about it. My brothers sometimes still make fun of me when I emerge in my lolita, but secretly they think it’s quite pretty too. (The newest greeting when they see me is “where are you going dressed so prettily today?”) Even my brothers’ girlfriends are appreciating the fashion and think it’s lovely. I’m really happy and blessed that my family thinks that the fashion style is pretty, and don’t object one bit. My mom is cute though, and always worries that I’ll get jeered at in public so she tells me to take my headeating bows off until I get together with my friends.

  10. Moving on?
    I have never really thought about where I want to go after lolita, or if there’ll really be an “after lolita” just yet. I’m in my late 20s, and I’m glad that most of what I like still fits me. My friends have already started to move on into other “non-sweet” styles of lolita, so I guess that is one option at the moment.

    The 30-day lolita challenge was created by the Random Lolita!

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Back in the States!

Hello, hello from Illinois!

Yes, I’m back in the States for a spell! I’ve actually been here for about a week already. Because I’m at a residential address this time around, I’m trying to make use of the potential reductions in shipping to buy items from sellers in the US! *sheepish grin*

On Tuesday, I received one of my dream items in the mail, the Macaron Tartan Riders JSK in mint! The tartan is shot through with a sparkly thread and the asymmetrical hem is just lovely! I’m especially enchanted by the frilly chiffon layers by the side.

I really regretted not getting this JSK when it was first released, so I was really pleased to find a new with tags set at a very reasonable price. Rather serendipitous too, as I saw this for sale in a comment in another poster’s WTB post! (Not to worry, OP rejected the sale, so I was able to buy it without stealing it from anyone!)

Socks from Target I also had the opportunity to roam around Target since my host and I were picking up some pharmaceutical supplies, and I saw these in their hosiery section at only $2.50 a pair!

Target also had some lovely socks (slightly more expensive, maybe $8 for a set of two?) that look great for classic, but because I’m not really a classic kind of girl, I didn’t get any of those. My one gripe is that the socks aren’t longer, but I’ll probably just layer them over tights anyway.

I didn’t bring any loli with me this trip, as I wanted to travel mostly light for summer, so perhaps there’ll be fewer posts this June. But I’ll try my best to tweet more, so remember to follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already! Cheers!

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New Makeup!

I recently ran out of some important things in my makeup arsenal, so I headed out to Sephora to get some refills.

I don’t have a preferred makeup brand, so what I buy is usually based on recommendations from friends and colleagues; or even just because I like the packaging. Sorry, that seems a bit shallow huh! But I’m really weak when faced with cute packaging from brands like Anna Sui or Majolica Majorca. πŸ™

Benefit High Beam So anyway, the first item in my basket was Benefit‘s High Beam, based on a recommendation by a colleague, who swears by it. This is a very popular item, and I can see why! It gives a lovely subtle shimmer to my complexion, and it makes me look fresher. For someone who has to get up at unearthly hours every day, this is indeed very beneficial. *badumtish*

Urban Decay Eyeliner in Rockstar

The next item was some eyeliner. Having heard about the staying power of Urban Decay‘s 24/7 Eyepencil, I was determined to try it out, and the testers did not disappoint! The pencil colour went on in a delightful creamy feel, and that line STAYED on my hand, even after rubbing hard. Even the counter makeup remover barely budged it on the first swipe, I had to wipe several times before it came off. I picked up the Rockstar colour, which is this deep purple brown that I absolutely love, but I think I’ll try a bunch of other colours soon.

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray While I was there, I also picked up Urban Decay’s best-selling makeup setting spray All Nighter. I find that my colours (like eyeshadow and blush) don’t stay on my skin because of the ridiculous local weather which melts it all off, so having a makeup setting spray will probably be useful. I have yet to try it though, I’ll update this post after I’ve tried it. I’ve tried MAC’s setting spray before to good results, so I have similar high hopes for this one.

Sephora Makeup Remover I was also out of makeup remover, so I picked up the house brand cleansing water, which in my opinion was only average.

The real star however, is the Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. Remember what I said about the UD Eyeliner? This remover cleaned that stuff off my eyes in one swipe! It was almost magic. I couldn’t believe it, so I tried it again. The most wonderful thing about it is that it doesn’t feel oily in the least and it smells rather refreshing. And it’s cheap! So so perfect.

I’m still missing some BB Cream, which I use in place of foundation. I’m not sure if I want to go back to my usual staple at Skin Food (which I have to travel for) or try something new. Any recommendations, if you guys use BB cream?

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Weekly Roundup: Week of May 8 and 15

I’ve been having trouble keeping up with posts and weekly roundups because it’s been crunch time at work, but in any case, it’s time for some weekly roundup!

Angelic Pretty

A new gingham Annie Gingham has been released in several colours and styles. Not my thing at all, since I don’t like gingham. There are however, some adorable new summery dresses in the shape of the little dot frill onepiece and the sailor onepiece.

There were also some other basics that were released which I won’t link to (blouses, boleros and such) but this carousel cutsew is interesting in that it’s a tank top! Summer is upon us!

Honey Bear is now available in stores, including a range of paraphernalia including cutsews and jewellery! See also this preview of new dress Dream Sky, pictures of which already leaked on tumblr some time ago!

Atelier Pierrot

Here’s a gorgeous coordination from Atelier Pierrot! Love the navy x white combination!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

The Rapunzel Print OP in this post reminds me of the very first few print releases by Juliette et Justine and other classic brands! Also, see the new classic/country print, Innocent Berry. New print Time of the Rose is also now available, the dark blue colourway is just to die for! A new limited print set Usakumya Chan is now available too. Also, have a look at the Versailles Rose Bouquet and the Snow Dot Sundress! This stripey set is adorable too!

There are a lot of new basics including some very lovely chiffon blouses!

A new bag in the shape of the book over at AatP is now available for reservation. In these post are new socks, which are interesting because they’re half translucent. This seems to be a new trend in Japan, because I’ve just picked up some socks in a similar style myself in a local Japanese store.

A bunch of new items are now available for reservation, including Claudia, the Fairytale Princess, a Macross Frontier tie-up, Night Fairy Fantasia, Cherry and Strawberry Yukata, and some new summer sandals.

Emily Temple Cute

Some adorable new prints – Cake & Cream and Rabbit Handkerchief.

Innocent World

Lovely strawberries at Innocent World in the new print Strawberry Jam! Very delicious accessories too, love the overknee socks! Here’s a lovely frilly dress that’s very doll-like!

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Some new items are available for reservation! A lot of new dresses in solids and florals, some blouses and shoes too. Pop Swinger is also available for reservation now!


Here’s some cute teddy bear cutsews and a cute dress for the punk lolitas! The dress doesn’t look like much on the hanger, but the first picture shows how lovely it looks when well-coordinated!

Here’s an interesting skirt – two layers, with a nice design showing through on the bottom layer. You can wear it with the top layer fully down too, like a normal plaid skirt. More pictures and colours of this skirt here. There’s a matching cutsew too!

Victorian Maiden

Victorian Maiden has been updating like crazy over these past two weeks!
Check out these new products: Lady Oxford Pumps, Rococo Bouquet Bustle Dress and Rose Lace Classical Bouquet Dress, Long-sleeved Over Dress, and the Jewelry Ribbon Dress.

The Jewelry Ribbon looks just amazing – have some close ups here. The over dress is also an interesting concept – it adds a flavour to other solid or print dresses that you might have worn the death out of.

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Coquettish Tiara

Here’s a really cute store for bags, Coquettish Tiara!

Coquettish Tiara

Coquettish Tiara (cute name!) has some really lovely bags, especially if you’re a sweet lolita. Tons of pastel pink bags with frills and ruffles, as well as some bags that look like they could be from Angelic Pretty! And if you’re a classic lolita, some of the bags in white could be beautiful with your coordinates too! :sparkle:

Coquettish Tiara

In particular I really like Fabiana in Red, Amery and the cute floral backpacks, Rosine! What I also like is that they have a range of different styles of bags, so whether you’re a lolita who likes shoulder bags, or handbags, Coquettish Tiara probably has something for you. The backpacks in particular enchant me, I think it might be fun to carry backpacks with lolita! XD

Coquettish Tiara

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Weekly Roundup: Week of April 23 and 30

It’s time for some weekly roundup!

Angelic Pretty

With summer almost on us, Angelic Pretty has released a Trump Carnival Yukata! Also, the Chelsea Gingham series. I’m not really keen on such checks – they’re a bit tablecloth like. Another summery release- Marine Boater!

Sheep Garden is now in stores, complete with extras like a little Sheep bag, and cutsews. The new print Aqua Princess is very lovely too, and in particular I really like the mint colourway!

I’ve recently been very into salopettes, so this particular Bear Hooded Salopette really makes me squee!

Also, some peripherals such as these lovely parasols with strawberries and polkadots; and little satchel bags in different colours.

There’s also a preview of new print Dressy Rose, more School Maid, new hime-style dress Afternoon Garden and the adorable summery Marine Girl!

Atelier Pierrot

Their new bustle corsets just came in new rose patterns! The designer blog also has some coordi ideas for you.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Some re-releases (some in new colours): Karami in navy, and Dessert OP! Also in the same link, a chiffon blouse (perfect for summer!) and a rocking-horse pair of shoes.

New dresses: the Creamy Alice Decoration OP and Apron. Also in the previous link, the Time of the Rose has also been released. The navy colourway is amazing! Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale has also hit the stores. Check out also their new line of very decadent jewellery!

Alice and the Pirates also has a new series announced: Night Fairy Fantagia, which comes in various dreamy sounding colourways such as Milky Way and Starry Sky.

Emily Temple Cute

Some adorable new prints from ETC, including this Polka Dot and Rabbit print, Glitter Constellation, Cake and Cream

Innocent World

Here’s a cute sailor OP for the summer!

Mary Magdalene

The gorgeous Valeria JSK now comes in a lovely warm new print!

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

New print Pop Swinger will be available soon! Cute retro polkadots with records! The cute Citron Soda is now available in various cuts and colours.

Some new and re-releases in this post: Half-sleeve apron + OP, some cute straw hats, their popular pintucked tiered JSK, a frilly gathered lace frill JSK, a high yoke JSK and some other extras like blouses etc.

Nile Perch

Some delightful cherry pins!


Cat ear hoodies!

Victorian Maiden

Some delicious new pieces, including the Rose Bouquet striped doll dress and the Dress-up Rose Onepiece and the beautiful new Jewel Ribbon.

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Store review: Pink Macaroon!

I had missed out on Pink Macaroon‘s Unicorn Fantasy Print when it was in production the last time, so when Sarah re-released a “ready-to-wear” version in a variety of sizes, I knew I had to grab one! My order arrived recently, so here’s a review on the lovely print.

Pink Macaroon Unicorn Fantasy skirt

I bought two items from the Etsy store, a lavender Unicorn Fantasy print skirt and a set of Pony Patches.

Short summary: Overall, rather pleased with the skirt! I wouldn’t mind buying from Pink Macaroon again.

Print and materials used

Pink Macaroon Unicorn Fantasy skirt The print itself is rather detailed, and I’d say that the print quality is better than say… Bodyline. The details such as gradients and little necklace beads printed well. The material is marginally thinner than most brand skirts I have, but the skirt also comes with lining (but no inbuilt tulle like some brand skirts do.)

Pink Macaroon Unicorn Fantasy skirt The lace used is nice chemical lace, similar to what BtSSB favours. Absolutely no complaints on this front!

Click photos for larger view!


Pink Macaroon Unicorn Fantasy skirt The skirt is generally well-constructed with extremely neat sewing. Waistband is single-channel half-elastic. Invisible zipper, with a pearl, heart-shaped button.

Click photos for larger view!

Packaging and Communication

Pink Macaroon Unicorn Fantasy skirt Generally it was very easy to buy from Pink Macaroon since it was via Etsy. Shipping information was updated by PayPal, and the parcel arrived in a very timely fashion. Skirt was wrapped in pink bubblewrap and then placed in a large bubble padded envelope. The packaging came with a namecard and a small gift of a tiny candy sweet on a chain. I’d say the transaction was handled in a very professional manner, but I’d have liked some sort of personal message along with it – even a short handwritten “Thank you!” would have been nice and personable. As it were, I just got a positive rating on Etsy with a blank message!


I have few complaints about this skirt, and would recommend Pink Macaroon. However, if you are the type who are really picky and only wear brand etc, then you may wish to give Pink Macaroon a pass, as this skirt, being handcreated (presumably on a home machine) will never have the feel of a machine-created brand skirt. Also, being spoilt horribly by Meta, I also prefer box pleats over gathers, but that’s really a small matter of personal taste. The skirt also seems to be less full than typical brand skirts, but to be honest I haven’t tried it on with my pettis yet. That said, I am very pleased with my new unicorn skirt and am looking forward to the next occasion I can wear this!

Rating! (out of 5 macarons)
Overall: (Tasty!)

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Weekly Roundup: Week of 17 April

It’s time for some weekly roundup!

Angelic Pretty

Some new releases and rereleases this week, including the popular Magical Pony bag, a cute and casual Dot Candy Girl, the punk casual School Maid (?!) series. This Sugardoll OP is interesting – it opens up in the front so that you can wear prints underneath. Coincidentally, Meta also released a coordi picture earlier this week with this exact concept.

Atelier Pierrot

They’ve just released their Tea Party Print dress, which comes in a delicate gold print on black or sky blue. The OP has a very princess-y, chiffon bustle skirt. Have a look at different coordination possibilities!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

A ton of new releases/re-releases from Baby this week, including Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale, a new floral Rose Boudoir, the Diana Chiffon JSK, the Operaria (?) Bouquet JSK,

Reservations have opened for new dresses Princess Dreamy, Princess Henrietta’s Ball, (check out that whopping price of 92k yen for both those dresses! And they’re only going to be released in September!) and Strawberry and Cherry Yukata.

Emily Temple Cute

A new print has been released, the Usagi Umbrella! It’s rather cute, and the colour combinations are rather interesting.

Innocent World

My favourite coordinate of the week is this one using the Chiffon Stripe Rose JSK!

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

They’ve released the Macross Frontier Movie collab outfits, including a black version of the military outfit. Some new accessories have also been released, including an adorable hat and some lovely decadent pearl jewellery.

A new print Citron Soda has also been introduced. I can’t really see the details, but it looks like the print features a ton of fruits!

Elaborate rococo-style dresses seem to be coming back into fashion, and Meta has jumped on this trend with the fancy Victoria Princess dress.

The coordinates in this post are rather lovely, in particular I am enchanted by the black coordinate, which uses an open front JSK (one of Meta’s signature designs) and a patterned (Royal Roses) skirt! Lovely!

Nile Perch

Some adorable new patterned tights from Nile Perch!


New releases, including an interesting cat themed JSK, which comes also in different flavours,

Victorian Maiden

Some interesting things from VM this week, including a letter writing set, complete with wax seal and previews of new print Jewel. Edit: See pictures of the Jewel dress here! Beautiful classic dress!

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