Pre-ordered Meta’s Masquerade Lady

Metamorphose Masquerade Lady As the title says, haha! I’ve just pre-ordered Metamorphose’s Masquerade Lady OP in the wine colour. I also ordered the matching socks! I fell in love with the sample product pictures, and it was kinda “I really need this” dress and print.

My most recent purchases have been straying from my usual sweet/deco self, now that I think about it! Maybe I’m realising that I’m getting a bit too old to be too OTT sweet, haha.

I’m still trying to be all a la mode about my lolita stuff though, maybe to not a lot of success. I would really REALLY like more time to indulge in my loli.

Mon, August 15 2011 »

3 comments on to “Pre-ordered Meta’s Masquerade Lady”

  1. Ryumaho says:

    OMG this is just a gorgeous print! I didn’t even realize that this print was coming out. Thanks for the post!

  2. […] Got Loli!: Metamorphose’s Masquerade Lady var addthis_product = 'wpp-261'; var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true,"ui_language":"en","ui_cobrand":"Macaron Hearts"};After a little dinging and donging with the post office, I finally managed to retrieve my Metamorphose package! […]

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