Product Review: Bodyline

While I was in Japan, Bodyline was having a huge blowout sale with items going for as much as 75% off. I decided that regardless of what I thought about Bodyline (that’s another rant for another day, but I promise I’ll get to that), I had to be part of this great sale.

When I returned, my group of friends and I got on a Bodyline group order, so here’s a review of the items I got!

Pink Dot Tulle Pannier

Short summary: If you’re looking for poof, you’re not getting it from here.

Longer review: While I was browsing the pannier section (you keep hearing me talk about needing new ones, right?) I wasn’t really expecting much as reviews from other friends had given me a bad impression of Bodyline panniers. But I was trying to get into the pastel, fairy-kei look, so the colourful panniers caught my eye. Pan018 in particular is made of colourful dot tulle, and has a lining. At 999yen, I thought there really wasn’t any harm to buying one.

IMG_0637 As far as wearing it is concerned, it’s actually pretty scratchy, despite the lining. My skin tends to be sensitive to irritation, so this was a bit of a downer.

Poof-wise, it also provides very little poof by itself, but will work a bit better when paired with other panniers. In my New Year post, I’m wearing the Bodyline pannier over another pannier that died on me sometime ago. In the Honey coordi here, I’m wearing just the Bodyline pannier. I was wearing stockings, but the pannier was irritating me through the stockings. 🙁

Rating (out of 5 macarons)
Overall: (While the price is hard to beat, the scratchiness and lack of poof drag down the ratings. Buy this only if you’re in a pinch, or don’t need it for the poof.)

Alice in Wonderland Print Skirt

Short summary: Very lovely, and a steal at the price!

Longer review:While I was busy being distracted by their carousel horse skirt, one of my travel mates who was in the store with me brought this skirt to me and insisted that I buy it. It has Alice on it. It cost 1999yen. It was the last one in the store in my size. I bought it.

But on closer look, this skirt was really a good deal. The colours are bright and fantastic (and in my latest favourite colourway!) and the print is relatively detailed. Bodyline has also really stepped up from their lace choice, a far cry from their releases some years back with really bad raschel. Personally I’d still prefer tulle lace, but hey! It’s still pretty anyway! The bow you see at the waistband is detachable, and the waist ties are removable too.

Alice in Wonderland SK from Bodyline

At the same time, it’s not exactly perfect. Under closer scrutiny, you can see that the printing is not the best. Put side by side with an Angelic Pretty or Baby skirt, the print quality is immediately more obvious. There are colour overlaps on the stripes, some dots are not laid down properly, etc. The print, while colourful and detailed, also lacks a certain refinement.

The skirt is made of a slightly thicker material than what you get from AP or BtSSB cotton, but at the same time, there is no lining to the skirt. This means that your panniers will have no help, unlike the brand skirts which have some inbuilt tulle in the lining.

I would not have paid the original price of 6999yen at all, but for about 2000yen, this skirt has more than lived up to expectations. I can see myself wearing this for plenty of casual outings where all we do is just hang out. This year, I promised to challenge myself to step out of the box and experiment in my coordinations, so this will probably be a good piece to start!

Rating (out of 5 macarons)
Overall: (I think Bodyline has done awesome with this skirt. I simply can’t wait to wear it!)

Strawberry Bag

Short summary: Excellent, nothing to complain about at all!

Longer review: There’s really nothing bad I have to say about their bag– it’s a cute shape and colour, it comes with adjustable straps, there’s a really cute strawberry shaped bell on the zip, and best of all, the price is hard to beat. If pressed, the only thing I can comment is that the green vinyl is shiny.

… I *told* you there’s nothing bad I could say about the bag. .___.;;

Rating (out of 5 macarons)
Overall: (Excellent!)

Cat Ears Separate

Short summary: Seems like old stock, but nothing really to complain about.

Longer review: I got this separate mostly for the parka, the shorts were a bonus I could use as bloomers. It had a slightly musty smell when I take it out of the bag; it’s probably been in storage for some time. Probably nothing that won’t go away after I air it for a while.

In general, it’s a pretty well-made set, but the zip is pretty cheap and feels flimsy. I foresee having troubles with it in the future. The material is a soft velour, so no complaints on that front.

I’d also suggest getting a different colour if you’re picky about how “new” your item looks- while my set was obviously not used, the feel of “newness” was slightly lost due to the pale, faded shade of blue.

Rating (out of 5 macarons)
Overall: (I’m pretty ambivalent about this, dropped marks for the cheap zip.)

All pictures in this post by Alanna.
All products by Bodyline.

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