Rakuten Find: And Romeo

I came across this particular Rakuten store by chance: And Romeo.

And Romeo

And Romeo Without seeing any of the dresses up close, it’s difficult for me to come to a decision about how positive I feel about this store. The items look very well-made, but some of the dresses (such as this one) veer on the side of… too much. Too many frills, too many types of lace, way too many details – so the entire feel of it is rather overwhelming.

And RomeoBut some of the simpler cuts such as this dress or this dress seem to be quite lovely, if not actually rather well-made, and at the price, I suppose it might be worth a try.

Reviews on Rakuten are rather positive. Has anyone ever bought from them before, or even heard of this store?

Fri, April 8 2011 »

6 comments on to “Rakuten Find: And Romeo”

  1. Amelie May says:

    Thank you for sharing this shop! I agree, that one linked dress is a bit terrible, but after having a look at their other things I’m really tempted to buy one of those beautiful all-white OPs now!

  2. Rosie Duckling says:

    Many of these appear to be replicas of AP, actually. Though… that super frilly one is…something. For lack of better words. o_o;;

    • Alanna says:

      Hahaha! Are they AP replicas? I must say I’m not that familiar with AP’s non-print releases. They’re all replicas?

  3. Joyce says:

    the 2nd dress (pink) looks really cute. i’m going to look at this 🙂 thanks for posting your find!!

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