Rakuten Find: Cawaii

Here’s a Rakuten find: Cawaii!


Warning, this store is less lolita and more mori girl, so if you are into fusion loli or like the mori girl aesthetic, this store is absolutely lovely for you! I know it’s actually pretty popular, so you may already have heard of this lovely store even before its appearance here!

Cawaii Cawaii

But even if you don’t fully buy into mori girl’s cream-based, heavily-layered aesthetic, some items in the store are still suitable for classic or country lolita. These include: this grey cardigan with wool appliques, this loose crochet outer with chiffon roses, and this happy coloured cardigan with a crochet back cut out!

Tue, March 29 2011 »

One comment on to “Rakuten Find: Cawaii”

  1. Tyler says:

    What a delightful brand! I just love the lace leggings, amazing! Plus lots of inspiration and ideas too.

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