Rakuten Find: Sweet Catherine

Here’s a lovely Rakuten store: Sweet Catherine!


Comes in two sections, Catherine Sea for the formal and casual wear, and the Alice Kollection for lolita wear. The style of the day here is more classic; the Alice Kollection line features a lot of florals and classic lines. You may be interested in items such as the Elizabeth dress or these Frill Ribbon shoes. They also have lovely accessories such as these Ribbon Lace Up socks and these adorable straw hats!

Mon, March 7 2011 »

One comment on to “Rakuten Find: Sweet Catherine”

  1. Charlotte says:

    I love the shoes (i may just have to get them). Please do more of these posts! I love them especially since I’m slowly finding my way around Rakuten.

    I especially loved your post about Romantic Princess.

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