Recent thoughts, in easy-to-read points!

1. I’m off to the States again soon! (In almost exactly a week from now!) I’ve put some things up for sale on egl sales to soothe my crying bank account (lol.) If you see anything you like, please let me know you got the information from my blog, and I can give you a small discount. :3

2. I managed to get some items from my wishlist, so I updated it. XD I also removed some items that I fell out of love with.

3. I’m thinking of collecting mermaid prints! :sparkle: <3 I recently received Emily Temple Cute’s mermaid print (not my picture, sorry!). I know there are a few more mermaid prints, including Angelic Pretty’s Twinkle Mermaid, Mermaid Symphony, Aqua Princess and Baby’s Melty Mermaid Princess. Am I missing out any? I don’t think Meta has had any mermaids… and Innocent World probably hasn’t! Let me know! I’m actually seriously considering this endeavour. 😕

4. Some daily coordi shots! 30 October 2011 to a friend’s wedding lunch.

Daily Coordi - 30th October
Cardigan – offbrand
JSK – Emily Temple Cute
Shoes – No Concept
Socks – Coming soon to Mint Berry Shop!

Love the Ribbons and Polka Dots print, it’s so summery!

5. More Daily Coordi – Anime Festival Asia 2011

Daily Coordi - AFA 2011
Jacket, boots – offbrand
Candy Star Rabbit Skirt – Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Blouse – Angelic Pretty
Bag (hidden) – Swimmer

I went crazy thinking of a coordi for the day, but finally settled on this. Please excuse my derp face in this photo… The jacket was love at first sight – the lovely red bomber jacket is really eye-catching! I didn’t buy it for loli, but I had just gotten the jacket the day before and was in the “must wear everyday!” phase.

I’m also really pleased with the Candy Star Rabbit skirt. The raspberry colourway makes my heart burst with love. It’s so bright and cheerful! This is the mini-skirt version – ie full elastic waist and no detachable bows.

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