Review: Alice Deco a la Mode

The latest issue of my favourite magazine Alice Deco a la Mode was released in the last week of April, and I didn’t get a chance to blog about it until now! Once again, the colour is in a very pretty palette of pop pastels, looks very sweet and edible indeed.

Short summary: Chockful of delicious, unique coordis and styles, Alice Deco has once again hit the mark with its latest release!

Longer review: If you’re a fan of the pop/deco lolita style, Alice Deco is truly the magazine to get. The Alice Deco niche is that the magazine focuses on stylings that aren’t “typical” lolita, which can cause some controversy amongst the lolitas who believe in “pure”, truly lolita look. The caveat is that what looks good in the magazine may not necessarily translate into another perfect coordi when worn in real life.

This issue, they focus on the new Spring releases from our favourite brands, have a feature on the ribbon motif, and discuss the hottest Spring looks. This issue’s makeup theme: animals! My favourite section has to be however, the DIY section, where they show you how you can jazz up everyday wear in the Alice Deco style with simple and cheap embellishments.

For some scans of the insides, check out Caro-chan’s post on fyeah Lolita!.

– Shanria Dress Set (for Pullip doll)
– Ribbon Babydoll Onepiece (by MIELette Tautou)
– Alice Tiered Onepiece (by L’est Etoile)
– Lace Blouse (Black Peace Now)

Rating (out of 5 macarons)
Super tasty!

Thu, May 13 2010 »

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